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Sam Thompson - Social Media Specialist
Sam Thompson

I have been working for Arcane Marketing since Fall 2018. Before I worked in the marketing business, I had many different jobs and interests and accomplishments. Those including obtaining my RAD CON (Radiation Control) certification in Shelley, Idaho, as well as working a myriad of retail jobs all over Idaho Falls and Pocatello.

I went to college at Idaho State University in 2015 in the fall after my senior year of high school. I studied and finished my generals after 2 years, then decided that it was time for a break from school. I wanted to switch things up again. I came back home and went back to work in retail as well as working for Maggie’s Place, which is a company that specializes in after school care and tutoring for children. I helped manage after school programs, working with children K-6. At the same time I was working for the Apple Athletic Club, this is where my love for fitness really took shape.

I worked for the Apple for 9 months before I started getting that itch to make a change again…

It wasn’t long after that when I decided that I needed to get out of my hometown and make a big life decision. I moved to Germany with my aunt Tara Russell and 4 cousins for a year. I immersed myself into the culture and saved money with my job I had over there, to fund traveling to multiple countries as well as many locations in Germany. I picked up the language to the point where I can converse in German. When I finally decided to come home it was hard to leave. Europe is one of my most favorite places in the world to be, regardless of the country (Although Germany is my favorite).

It was when I returned that I was, yet again, in need of work. This is when I got in touch with Chad Russell at Arcane Marketing. I started off writing content for him and was soon also taken on by Nathan Hawkes as a Social Media Specialist. And now I write content for all of our clients, schedule posts for their social media pages.

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