Empower your Dental Practice with Local SEO

Are you looking for increased growth for your dental practice? Are terms like SEO and Local SEO confusing for you? Well, your dentist practice needs to gain more clients considering the growing competition in the field. Read ahead as to how local SEO can play a major role in empowering your dental practice. 

What is SEO?

A dentist is superb at their profession. However, when it comes to marketing over the Internet or in general, they may not be up to speed due to the lack of adequate time to become informed. SEO is what does the deal for their practice; It is an acronym for search engine optimization. 

What that entails is the process of improving your website to increase its visibility and its ranking on search engine sites such as Google. It is quite an essential part of marketing and is best handled by marketing professionals. Nobody expects a busy dental practice to take care of SEO themselves.

What Is Local SEO?

Local SEO is similar yet different from organic SEO. One must wonder what on earth does that mean? The basic concept of increasing the visibility of your website on the Internet is the same. The difference is, with local SEO, a professional SEO expert performs in a way that the visibility is focused on geographically local search engine results. In other words, the results you see when you implement local SEO for dentists are precisely that — local! Results will be concentrated in dental practices within your city or town. Some professionals specialize in this. 

Primary Differences Between Organic SEO and Local SEO

With an organic search engine optimization project, there are no localized results. For example, if you want an article on Italian food, you would search with organic SEO. However, if you’re going to know about an excellent Italian restaurant in your area, a local SEO-ranked search will give you the results you want. Other differences are as follows:

  • Local SEO captures your immediate territory when people search for your type of business.
  • Local SEO is composed of specific measures to help your website to connect with local searchers.
  • When somebody searches for dentists in your location, YOUR site will rank at the top of that list.
  • It has been discovered that at least 80% of local searches get converted to clients. This is a direct result of local SEO.
  • It is also possible to appear in “Google Local Services” ads. Just ask your service provider to make this happen for you.

Why Is Local SEO Better for Dentists?

As we noted in the beginning, dentists are fantastic at what they do. However, not all are great at marketing. Marketing is not what they were trained to do. Therefore, they need a professional organization to take care of marketing activities. When searching for that perfect agency, a dental office must make sure the agency has expertise in local SEO. Why is this better?

When someone in Los Angeles is looking for a dentist, they do not care about a dentist in New York or San Diego in Southern California. They want a dental facility in or near Los Angeles. An agency specializing in local SEO will know how to make YOUR dental facility rank high in search of dentists within YOUR area of the country. This is why local SEO is important to you.

Other Facts About Local SEO

Business experts agree that an extremely large percentage of local SEO searches are performed by smartphone or tablet users. If you have failed to implement a marketing strategy that includes local SEO, your business will not show up in one of these searches. You will miss out on a huge segment of the market.

Think that is an overstatement? Let’s say a woman or a man is at lunch with their pals when suddenly a tooth breaks. This person does not already have a dentist, so they search for a local dentist right there on the smartphone. Do you want your dental practice to be at the top of that list or not? This is the difference in a nutshell.

Research of Keywords

A great local SEO firm does not throw keywords into their content in any old way. They first do some research to see what words are making sites rank in your area. It sounds scary to someone not in the SEO profession, but it is a simple process for an expert. It is worth the effort and time to ensure your dental practice ranks high in your city. When a prospective patient searches for dental SEO services, you want your facility to be at the top of this list.

Ways To Optimize for Local SEO

Your service provider will perform the following tips for optimizing your website for local SEO. Here is what they will include with your project:

  • Optimization of your home page and metadata
  • Each service you provide ought to have its page within your website
  • Be sure to claim your “My Business Page” on Google
  • Make sure your facility’s name and contact information are correct
  • Do an audit of local SEO factors
  • Make improvements to your internal linking structure
  • Create plenty of content that ranks locally in your geographic location
  • Include location pages on your website
  • Make your site mobile-friendly

Why and How to Use “Google My Business”

Plain and simple, if you want people to find your business in your hometown, you also need to use “Google My Business.” This platform is considered to be the top of the line when it comes to local search expectations.

Creating this page is not difficult; however, as with any other local SEO method of making your site rank, it is best to let the experts do it for you. They will automatically know to use Google Posts within your service package effectively.

When searching for your provider, use one familiar with local SEO for dentists. One of the things they will instruct you to do is encourage your patients to share their reviews online. Then submit a public, personal response to the reviews. Doing so will add to your ranking capabilities in your region of the country.

Tracking the Progress of Your Local SEO Campaign

Whether you are running an organic SEO campaign or a local SEO campaign, it is important to monitor the results. Most clients do not care about this. Instead, they care about how many patients it helps them get. It should matter to the local SEO service provider. From their point of view, better rankings in searches are critical to gaining new patients.

The tracking measures and a plan for a local SEO strategy campaign must take place before any marketing campaign. Otherwise, you could spend a lot of effort creating marketing content and social media posts that nobody will ever see. Your service provider will resolve these issues for you. 

Where Can You Find Dental SEO Services?

If you would like local SEO for dentists for your practice, go through our website. Based in Idaho, we are a digital marketing firm whose goal is to help all businesses grow. One of our specialties is local SEO.

Arcane Marketing has a wealth of experience in helping dental practices rank within the company’’s area of service. Being in the industry for more than four decades has given us a leg up on our competition. We know how to design a local SEO package that encompasses everything to make your dental facility rank high in searches.

What Local Dental SEO Services Do We Have?

Arcane Marketing is the agency to hire for all dental SEO services as we understand the unique SEO needs of a dental facility and how that translates into a surge in patient acquisitions.

  • Website creation, maintenance, and development
  • General and local SEO campaigns designed
  • Social media marketing
  • Management of brand building and reputation
  • Pay per click management services
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • SEO and marketing campaign results tracked

Why Should You Hire Arcane Marketing?

Trust us when we say you are far better off hiring Arcane than trying to go it yourself. Running a dental practice is a full-time job; however, so is marketing. Like any other kind of company, you need a steady influx of new patients and keep the patients you already have. You do not have the time to do both, so your marketing suffers.

This is precisely where Arcane Marketing enters the picture. You can hire our experts to perform all your marketing duties for you. We are one of the top dental marketing companies. Not only can our experts handle your local SEO but also various other marketing tasks, we also monitor the results. If your dental practice is not currently ranking in searches, your new firm can find out why and resolve any issues. Do yourself a favor and give Arcane Marketing a shout-out right now!

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