How To Find Your Business Google Review Link

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March 7, 2018
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How To Find Your Business Google Review Link

Business Google Reviews Link Instructions

Have you ever tried to get your customers to leave your business a review on Google? How long did it take you to walk your customers through the process of looking your business up in Google, finding your business listing, locating the place where reviews can be left, and then explaining how to do it? Then, ask yourself how many times you've gone through the process with different customers. Does this sound familiar to you?

What if I told you there is an easier way to get your customers to exactly where they need to go with only one click?

In just 2 steps, you will make your review acquisition strategy exceptionally streamlined and stupidly simple.

To understand what you're going to learn to do, simply click on the "Review Us On Google" image below. If you've used our services before, go ahead and give us a review while you're at it!

Review Us On Google - Best SEO Company

Step 1: Visit ReviewsMaker

CLICK HERE to visit ReviewsMaker. This is a very neat tool that can be used to see many important and informative information about your Google My Business listing. If you don't have a Google My Business listing for your business yet, CLICK HERE to get started creating one.

On the right side of the screen, type in your business name and select from the drop down the correct listing. See the screenshot below.

Step 2: Find Your Review Link and QR Code

Scroll down to the section titled "Review Generation URLs." There are 3 items to be aware of here. The first link is called "Maps URL" and this link takes the user to your business's Google Maps listing. If you use this link, the user must then find the small "Write A Review" link buried down the page. Instead, you'll want to use the second link option called "Direct Review URL." This is the link that will take the user directly to a pop-up screen where they can write their review and leave a rating. See the screenshot below.

The 3rd item in this section is the QR code that can be scanned with a smartphone or tablet which will take the user to the mobil version of your Google My Business review screen. Be advised, the QR code is an .svg image and may not render correctly if you add it to your email signature, email marketing, or website. Instead, use THIS HIGHLY USEFUL TOOL to make a screenshot of the QR code. It will be saved as a .png image and will work perfectly for you.

The screenshot below shows what the user sees when they click on the "Direct Review URL."
The screenshot below shows what the user will see when they scan the QR code.
So, there you have it. Never again will you have to walk your customers or patients through the process of finding your Google My Business listing to find where they need to leave a review. Now, go ahead and use your newly acquired free time to enjoy a delicious cocktail (or whatever it is that you do when you are happy and stress free).
Chad Russell
Chad Russell
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