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January 9, 2019

The Absolute State Of SEO In 2019

2019 is finally here, a new year means new horizons, and new technologies are coming that are helping to change people’s lives. In the world of SEO, things are constantly changing and improving, helping people’s lives become better and easier. SEO in 2019 will focus on the end user as well as the people who create and manage successful and profitable online marketing campaigns. SEO in 2019 is shaping up to be one of the best ways to promote your message and here you will find all of the right information to help your business excel. What better way to start things off than to discuss what is up and coming this year.

This year is going to be the year of voice and mobile search, people are changing the way they are living their lives constantly. Whether that be through the use of mobile or voice search, it absolutely is happening, and at a very fast rate, faster than you may think.

2019 is going to be the year of Voice Search. What exactly is voice search? Voice search is the use of smart assistant devices such as Google Home, Amazon Alexa/Echo, Apple Siri and HomePod. According to as of the 1st Quarter of 2018 to the 3rd Quarter of 2018, the US was the global leader with a staggering total of 45.6% of all sales in Q1 and 42.1% of all sales in Q3 in Smart Speakers sales followed by China, Korea in Q1 and the UK in Q3.

As sales go up, the likelihood of coming into contact with these devices increases. The more people who get their hands on these products, the more their lives will begin to change by being able to just ask Alexa or Siri, or even Google for that matter, any question that they may have. This can even be done by something as simple as asking them to turn your home lights on or off, or having them tell you what the weather is like outside or even what time it is. People are always seeking easier ways to live their lives, this is just a fact of life, it is in our nature as intelligent beings to want life to be easier. And what better way to achieve this than through the use our very own voice. While Google search voice function isn’t perfect yet, it is always getting better each and every day. Home assistant devices know how to do more things than they ever have before and only in the last few years. Smart Home technology is very real and it is making waves as far as everyday live is. The more that people have access to smart technology, the more people will be implementing it into their daily lives. Here are a just a few of the smart technologies you can expect to see a rise in use of in 2019.

  1. Smart Assistants (Google Home, Amazon Alexa/Echo, Apple HomePod)
  2. Smart Table, this device is a small table that has a surface used for charging phones and other devices. It also doubles just as a normal coffee table or end table. It also features speakers so you can play your music through it!
  3. This year it is projected that practical robot solutions will be implemented into smart home technology. These robots will have the capability of natural interaction with humans

This is just a fraction of what can be expected this year. We have a long, but prosperous year ahead of us in the world of smart home technology.

These devices are helping to revolutionize the way that our homes function as well as giving each of us the ability to have access to a plethora of information at a whim. If you are in need of something simple like what the weather will be like, no problem. If you need your personal assistant to tell you what is on your schedule for the day, no problem. If you need your personal assistant to let you know what the traffic will be like on your way to your destination, no problem. If you need your kids bedroom lights to go out when it is time for bed, no problem. These functions are just the tip of the iceberg for these smart home devices and assistants. As of this year, the Amazon Alexa has over 50,000 different skills, and works with over 20,000 different devices and is also used by 3,500 different brands ( 2018). And these numbers are only growing day by day.

There is much to discuss regarding the topic of smart devices and voice search and we will touch on them later. For now, it is time to jump into discussing SEO itself and what it is shaping up to look like in this upcoming year. What can can we expect from SEO in 2019? What is it going to look like as well as what is it going to mean for us as time goes on? Keep on reading and you will have all of your SEO in 2019 questions answered!

SEO Ranking Factors and What your Strategy should be in 2019

Ranking factors are what drive that ability to have your web page pop up when specific keywords are entered in the Google Search bar. Now, as of this point in time, Google has not publicly announced what all of the factors are when it comes to what their crawlers are looking (and most likely never will). But while we aren’t exactly sure of what all of those factors are, we do know a good majority of what factors make Google’s search engine so good at what it does! Here is list of some of the more prominent ranking factors:

  1. The Architecture of your site is very important. You need to make sure that your website is constructed in a way that it is easy to navigate for both someone who is visiting the website as well as Google’s crawlers so they are able to properly index the website as well. Google’s search engine doesn’t quite work like a human does, it only sees code, text, links, are where those links are going. This is why it is so important to make sure the layout of your website is such that it is easy for both the people and the crawlers.
  2. Always make sure that your website is secure. The http (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) in the URL of a website is how Google identifies whether or not your website is secure or not. Https is a secure server, and Google will know this based on that “S” which, as you may have already figured out, stands for “secure”.
  3. Inbound Links are a very crucial part of the Google Ranking Factors. These links are the hyperlinks that are elsewhere on the internet that link directly back to your pages. These can affect your ranking greatly. These links are generally more trustworthy in the eyes of Google and this fairs greatly for you and your website. If you have these well known and trusted inbound links, Google is going to be more likely to rank your site higher in search. The more high quality, relevant, and trustworthy websites that link to your site, the more traffic that you will get which in turn will improve your rankings over time. Remember, links need to be natural and editorial in nature. Paid linking schemes can eventually affect your rankings in a negative way.

This is just a snippet of what what you can expect as far as ranking factors go. There is much more to learn. For more information, go and check out Blog Hubspot for more information!

While those factors will always be important as long as their are search engines, there are some SEO trends that we can expect to see many more of in 2019. 2019 is expected to be a big year in the realm of SEO. Here are some trends that we can expect!

  1. Mobile-First Indexing is an up and coming trend especially this year. What Mobile-First indexing is, is essentially Google also ranking your web pages based on if it is visited from a mobile device. As more and more people gain access to smartphones and devices this trend will become more and more of a bigger deal in the world of SEO. If you haven’t taken the time to migrate your web page to a mobile version as well, the time to do so is now!
  2. Page Speed is a quick growing trend this upcoming year. People Are alway wanting to have the fastest internet possible. It people have to wait for more than a few seconds it can be very frustrating. Thi is why SEO is making the best efforts to increase search speed. Mobile as well as desktop are both being worked on in order to make search speed at the fastest it has ever been. If you are someone who has a web age currently there are ways to check and see how fast your page loads, while also giving you graphs and reasons as to why your page may not be loading as fast as it could be. There are many factors that can affect your web page speed.
  3. GDPR is something that will be growing even more in the upcoming year. Now, if you are confused as to what GDPR is, well throughout the duration of last year if you signed up for anything online or made a new account somewhere and you had an email about the privacy policy, that is what GDPR is or otherwise known as General Data Protection Regulation. It is for the protection of your information as well as protecting the data when online users are interacting. As of this year, it is now possible to delete data upon a user’s request.
  4. Amazon search is on the rise n 2019, as of right now Amazon is currently considered a search engine, but only within its own internal Amazon pages. The majority of people don’t think twice about using Amazon for all of their shopping. In fact, in a recent study found that 56% of consumers visit Amazon fist if they have shopping in mind and 51% visit Amazon after finding something elsewhere. These figures are shown us that Amazon is becoming Google of E-Commerce (SearchEngineLand 2018).

Local Businesses have a much harder time getting themselves out there in this day and age than ever before. The need for local businesses to have websites are on the rise and will reach an all time high in 2019. Google at this point in time for the majority of all websites, it considered to be the “homepage” for all local business. And this is agreed upon by a staggering 64% of marketers. This idea created by Mike Blumenthal shows that a user looking at a Google Knowledge Panel has access to all basic information, these include but are not limited to phone numbers, address, routes, bookings, questions and answers and the list goes on. What makes a local business website strong and reliable is just the same as any other website, all you have to do is be able to utilize your resources to the fullest and make sure your website is chock full of great SEO ranking factors and organic SERPs.

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Samuel Thompson
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