Accomplish Your Business Goals With Video Production & Marketing

So, you’re looking into getting some video production for your business. Frankly, there are many people who want to do the same thing. Video can accomplish many goals; better visual assets, allows for a better understanding of your offers, and more people knowing about your products or services. Which in turn will bring in more revenue. We all want that right? Of course! Video Production is one of the best ways to make that happen.

But first, we want to show you what it is, and the different types of video production. If it was a cut and dry process, every business would be doing it.

What Is It Exactly?​

Essentially it boils down to 3 different phases. Pre-Production, Production, then Post-Production. 

For pre-production, you will be doing a lot of both thinking and setup. You want to have a plan for your video(s). That plan could take a day to develop, or a week. First of all, you should design how your shooting will be set up. Will you have one continuous shot with limited cuts? Or will you have plenty of cuts with b-roll in between? There are so many different variations of shooting that could work for your business, but that will be up to the professional video production crew. Sometimes you will want to write out a script if your video features someone talking in front of the camera, or even as a voiceover. Winging it may work elsewhere, not in professional video. 

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Next is production. This is where you will execute that plan you mocked up in the previous stage. If lighting is a concern, make sure you are punctual with your timing. You don’t want to put off a shoot because you missed the best light of the day. For video production, it is crucial to have your ducks in a row. Camera equipment, lighting, actors, everything. 

Lastly is post-production. Many think this is the easiest part of video production. In fact, it can be the hardest, but definitely the most important part. Even if the video shoot didn’t go the way it was supposed to, the editing process could save the video. And without the editing process, you don’t have a video. Here’s more info about the editing process.

Different Types of Video Production​

We talked a little bit about the different types of video production. So, what do all the different types mean, and which would apply best for my business? To get even further into that, there are different types of styles and techniques for each different type of production. That’s why video is so powerful, there are so many different varieties that no 2 videos are the same. To name a few of the basic forms of video:

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  • Product Videos
    • This type of video is pretty self-explanatory, this type of video takes a product and makes it the focus of the video. The video team can be pretty creative when it comes to product videos because they can highlight different features of the product in different ways.
  • Event Highlight Videos
    • These videos are mainly used at events (business, sporting, etc.). They are not used to promote that specific function, but the following one. Typically the video team has a set process of how they will get footage, it typically doesn’t involve specific people, as it is mostly b-roll and videos of speakers or players.
  • Testimonial Videos
    • This form of video can be very useful. This is where you have customers or clients provide a testimonial of your business. Although it can be tricky to get someone willing to put their face on video and provide an honest and positive review. Getting a willing participant can really put you ahead of your competition.
  • Narrative Videos
    • These videos are very common nowadays. The main point of this type of video is to tell a story. This can be in animation form with voiceover, or a skit that highlights problems that your product or service could solve. 
  • Documentary Videos
    • You have most likely seen a documentary film in your life. They can be very captivating. Especially if you are interested in the topic. Taking this form of video and producing a mini-documentary for your business can provide potential customers with an opportunity to really connect with your product or service. It’s very powerful for capturing your current audience even further or putting yourself in front of new customers on a personal level. 
  • Videos Explaining a Process or Concept
    • Videos that explain a process or concept are very situational. If your service can be confusing to people, you may want to use this. If your product is unique to others like it, you can show how yours is better. Trusting in a video team to highlight your business in a unique way is key.

Video Marketing Objectives ​

There are many things that your video team will need to know. One of the most important is what are your objectives? A video that highlights your eco-friendly efforts is MUCH different than a video showing off your dedicated team. Encouraging sales is most likely your end goal, but what other goals do you have? Do you want to better the community? Increase Social Media traffic? Whatever your business goals are, make the video team aware. Believe it or not, different types of videos and styles can encourage different actions. 

Video is More Popular Than It’s Ever Been​

Video marketing is nothing new, in fact it was first introduced in 1941. But one key part has changed, the platforms where video marketing is used. In the past, it was used on television commercials or advanced websites. With social media becoming more popular and websites being easier to design, video marketing is moving. Websites that use video can see users spending more time on your site and higher conversions. Studies have shown that Social Media ads can see up to 270% more conversions. Why? Well, video is so much more captivating than images. Potential customers can also connect with your business on a whole new level. Making video unparalleled to images.

Who knows where video marketing will be in another 10 years? Although one thing is true; if you aren’t adapting and using video marketing with professional video production you are behind the times and behind your competition. Why not get started today?

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