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Arcane Marketing's PPC Management - TL;DR

As concisely as it can be said; Arcane Marketing specializes in solving problems and growing revenue for brands. We make our clients grow and win. Period. As of January 2024, we manage over $1.5 Million a month in ad spend. Needless to say, we have a lot of experience. Google Ads Management is a great way for most brands to make quick headway in revenue growth, increase in conversions, and lead generation.

Yeah... But Are We Any Good?

These well-known 3rd party companies seem to think we’re qualified to be pretty good at PPC Management… 

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Can Paid Search Ads Be Profitable?

Paid advertising campaigns, otherwise often referred to as PPC Marketing, or paid search marketing campaigns, on search engines like Google or Bing can be a very fast and cost-effective way to achieve your company’s marketing goals, but only if set up and managed properly. A common term you hear in the paid search world is “Google Ads”. It can be a very effective way of getting your content directly in front of the eyes of your target audience as they search for your products and services.  It is easy to see results quickly with this marketing strategy.

How does it work?

However, without thought-out strategic management, pay-per-click marketing (Google Ads management) can be difficult, and confusing, and costs can quickly get out of control if you’re not actively watching it. PPC is complex and competitive, and it requires elevated knowledge, sophisticated strategies, time, and most importantly, experience. Most businesses that try PPC management on their own struggle with the learning curve and almost always lose money and eventually fail with their efforts. Money is often wasted and it can bring frustration or tension. Very few can make profits that are a small fraction of what they could have made if it had been built and managed correctly.

This is where Arcane Marketing steps in. Paid search management is a digital marketing skill that we’ve mastered and helped hundreds of other companies with over the last decade. Over the last 12 months, we’ve maintained an average of $1.5 Million in ad spend managed (and we might add “successfully”). Give us a call to learn more or even ask for a free Google Ads campaign audit! We simply want to help, and we’re the very best PPC agency to do it.

Has your Google Ads account been shut down or suspended?

This can be really frustrating. We can help!

Sometimes all you need is to correct a few problems or reactivate your Google Ads account. Contact us if you need some assistance – we can take a look, diagnose the problem, and even help to correct the issue.

Arcane Marketing Has Extensive Experience In These 5 Industries:

Over the last decade, we’ve come to realize that we are really, really talented in getting positive ROI from SEO and local SEO with impressive results for a few particular industries. In order for us to make this consideration, we actively have 25+ clients in these categories:

Pay-Per-Click Management Services For Local Businesses

We help your business run paid ad campaigns that are reliable, and most importantly ,profitable. Specifically, we’ve been able to achieve profitability for our clients in as little as 30 days. Clients who have worked with our Google Ads team for over 12 months have averaged a 414% ROI on their ad spend dollars. That means that on average for every dollar spent in ads, they’re seeing $4.14 in return. How do you say “no” to that?!

To optimize your paid search advertising investment, we offer a range of services and strategies that include:

Google Ads Management

Let us improve your website's performance in Google Ads. Google Ads is just one way to list your website higher on Google's search engine and drive more targeted visitors to your landing pages and increase conversions. Start generating business and improve conversion rates with effective PPC ad campaigns.

Facebook / Instagram / TikTok Ads

Expand your digital brand footprint by micro-targeting niche audiences through social media. We use defined social media spend strategies to put your best offers in front of an ideal audience that your campaign caters to. Social Media Paid Ads are an extremely cost effective method of getting your product or services in front of new potential customers/clients/patients who may not already know about your brand or services.

Retargeting Ads

Did you know that up to 18% of your remarketing ads will convert after your targeted audience has seen the ad at least 6 times? You can target users with customized ads who have already interacted with your website or campaign in some fashion. This is an effective way to keep existing customers up to date, or to convert people who have interacted with your platforms and have not yet become customers. Maximize your Google Ads ROI, by retargeting people who did not originally convert and get more revenue out of your PPC budget.

Google Ads Geo Targeting

Advertise to people who are in a localized region ideal to your business. This method will get your ad campaigns in front of the faces of consumers who are not only near your business, but are in regions that can benefit from your products or services. Geo targeting will also limit your ads in areas that may not be profitable to your business and redirect them to areas that are. This improves overall conversion rates and return on investment. Additionally, your geo-targeted Google Ads will show up in Google Maps ahead of other listings!

Omni targeting Ads

Allow all your platforms to work together with an Omni Targeting strategy. This method allows customers to engage with your brand across multiple channels. The goal is to create a consistent experience across all platforms promoting your campaign. Create an integrated experience across your online and offline channels to improve conversion rates and maintain your existing customers.

Free PPC Consultation

Let us show you what strategies we can implement at Arcane Marketing to improve your results and grow your business. 

Is there a standard set for Arcane Marketing in their PPC Marketing performance?

Google Ads Premier Partner Badge

Trust a Google Premier PPC Partner

Arcane Marketing is a Google Premier PPC Partner, which means we have a history of delivering results to our clients over a lengthy period of time. You can trust us to do what we say we can for your business. Arcane Marketing upholds Google’s strict standards across the board, but even more so in three key areas: 


The PPC specialists at Arcane Marketing are all fully certified and knowledgeable of Google's latest updates and strategies regarding Google Ads. Keeping our team certified isn't always easy, but we do it! We are constantly looking to leverage all avenues possible to make your campaign successful.

Ad Spend

Our agency meets Google Premier Partner's ad spend recommendations. In 2023 we had an average of $1.5 Million in Google Ads dollars managed - per month. The experience with your ad budget is important. Arcane Marketing ensures you are making the most out of your marketing budget, leading to greater profitability for your business.


Google Premier Partners have a track record for promoting sustainable growth. We have a history of optimizing ad campaigns, making them profitable to your business month-over-month. This means we are successful at keeping ad costs low and profit margins high. We are Google approved and recommended!

Our PPC Campaign Process

Pay Per Click Marketing works only as well as it is set up!

Most advertisers trying search engine marketing on their own are unprofitable simply because they have no idea how to set up and run a successful paid search ads campaign. If that sounds like you, you’re in good company when talking with Arcane Marketing, as many other Digital Marketing companies struggle to know how to do PPC management correctly. There’s no room for “just trying it out” or “figuring out how to make it work.” Most of our clients need to get results quickly and in the most cost-effective way possible. We speak with businesses who have suffered through poorly managed PPC campaigns in the past and are tired of seeing inferior to mediocre results at best. We can often bring that aspect and point of view needed to make your ads account great instead of just “okay.”

We want to make a bold statement about PPC

Arcane Marketing is a certified Google Ads partner. Our expert strategists in PPC can manage your ad campaign with skill and get improved results. We are a proactive partner with your business. We will actively pursue the best strategies while using the best and latest management practices. We will write and create compelling visual content. We offer transparency with full reporting and accountability so that you can accurately track the success of any of our campaigns. Interested to learn more? Call now to have Arcane Marketing manage your next PPC campaign profitably!
“Paid search marketing will a get you a positive ROI every time, let me say that again, EVERY TIME, when it’s strategized, developed, and managed correctly.”
- Nathan Hawkes
President of Arcane Marketing

How Can I Learn About Arcane Marketing's PPC Management Services For Me?

Give Us a Call

Give us a quick call for a free, no-obligation conversation about your business goals and how the right PPC Management can help you meet those goals. We want to know how we can best help and what that looks like for you.

Talk To Arcane Marketing

Your first conversation will not involve high pressure sales techniques. We want to understand your business goals, your budget, and your expectations so that we can assess the situation and make the best possible recommendations for you. In fact, we'll be able to tell you a few things you can work on immediately that will impact positive performance in your Google Ads/Microsoft Ads account.

Decide on Your Specific Expectations

Once you understand the value that we can add, versus what you may or may not have experienced yet, we will help you select a proper level and strategy of services that is customized to your needs and meet your goals end to end. No 2 campaigns we manage are the same. Let's figure our together what makes the most sense for you and how to maximize your results in your paid search campaign.

Start Working With Arcane Marketing and Watch Us Get Better Results For You!

After getting started with Arcane Marketing, you will meet your dedicated PPC campaign strategist and account manager. He/she will work with you every step of the way with prompt communication, transparent reporting, and accountability to your goals. Communication is key, and you can expect that to happen as needed. You'll be able to see the increases in engagement and revenue as a result of our services almost immediately.

Arcane Marketing PPC Management

Start As Little As

$ 650
per month
  • For more information on your customized PPC management options and strategy -or- consulting pricing, then please call us for a no-cost consultation. *We get the best results when your organization has at least a $3,000/mo in ad spend budget.

Arcane Marketing PPC Management

Most Clients Fall in This Price Range

$ 1,500
per month
  • For more information on your customized PPC management options and strategy -or- consulting pricing, then please call us for a no-cost consultation.
    *Our average PPC management client spends about $10,000/mo - $20,000+/mo in ad spend.

How can I find Arcane Marketing's PPC management full pricing details?

Oh… that’s easy. Just ask. We will send you our PPC management services pricing on request via email. However, it always is in both of our best interests to briefly talk about the situation so that we can make better suggestions about what you actually need vs. just spending money to get what others might tell you that you need. Let us simplify it for you. Additionally, if you ask nicely, we’ll give you a free audit/assessment of your paid search campaign you already have and tell you exactly what we will do to fix it – even before we decide to work together. No surprises. Just common sense. Paid search management should be a tool you can use, not one you’re obligated to try.

Why Our Clients Love Us

  • Untapped Health Fitness & Recovery

    Arcane Marketing are amazing at what they do! Friendly and reliable, they create for you an online presence that you will love. Recommend 100%

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  • Tamara L. FosterOwner / In A Pikle, LLC & American Heritage Real Estate & Development

    FIVE STARS INDEED! Six stars if I could give it! Arcane Marketing is incredibly talented and their customer service is first class! Arcane Marketing always responds quickly and is the epitome of service with a smile! The team at Arcane Marketing recently redesigned our website and we get so many compliments from design to functionality. If you are looking for a reliable webmaster who can get it done on time, on budget and with a smile - - Arcane Marketing is the one!  We feel so luck to have found them. I have worked with Arcane Marketing for over four years. During this time, they have offered fantastic, timely and accurate website service. In addition to amazing customer service, they generously provide practical and relevant SEO/PPC/marketing advice that has served our company well. These guys are a big reason we make money online. They are great at time management and when they set an expectation of when something will be done, it absolutely is! Arcane Marketing is positive, happy and very pleasant to communicate with and is always willing to troubleshoot - - even if it's late at night or on weekends. We would highly recommend Arcane Marketing to anyone looking for an outstanding, reliable internet marketing consulting firm.

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  • Sue Landon

    Arcane Marketing has been exceptional for my team. They have provided not only solid marketing ideas but they've done a fantastic job in keeping and growing our social media marketing up to date. They regularly visit us in person to be assured our website is up to date just the way we want it to be. It's a great relationship. I appreciate their creative thinking and ability to add content! There's no doubt we make more revenue because of their SEO efforts!

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  • Sheri Hamberlin

    We have been working with Arcane Marketing for just over a year and have seen a substantial increase in our overall SEO and marketing efforts. It has been a pleasure having Arcane Marketing in our own backyard and feel it a privilege to receive such personal one-on-one attention from their team. We may not understand everything they do behind the scenes, but whatever they are doing it is working! I would recommend Arcane Marketing to anyone looking to optimize their web presence, they know how to make it happen.

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  • Russell Paskett

    Arcane Marketing genuinely cares, and provides great advice. Arcane Marketing loves, and keeps up with the changes in technology. If you have questions, ask [them], Arcane Marketing is a wealth of knowledge.

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  • Roger Sondrup

    Arcane Marketing's professional who really does know their stuff. One thing I feel [they do] really well is Arcane Marketing is able to generate results using your social media pages but keeps them popular. Arcane Marketing knows how to really engage your audience and make it profitable for you.

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  • Robby Rutledge

    Arcane Marketing is a great company. I got the chance to take a class from Arcane Marketing about growing your organic reach on social media sites. The course had 7 classes in it and took about 5 weeks to complete. The class was great! Arcane Marketing was very approachable, I felt I could ask any question I had without feeling stupid. Arcane Marketing also makes some pretty good jokes. Each class left me in a state of shock because he shared such great knowledge about social media. I left every c...lass feeling like I truly learned something. After taking their class I could see that I had knowledge that none of my competitors had and if I actually used this knowledge to out to them, I could. We took the lead in marketing this year. Arcane Marketing talked a lot about giving value to your customers. Arcane Marketing believes that the best way to win customers is to give value, give value and then ask for them to buy your product. True to their teaching Arcane Marketing shares a lot of great content on their Facebook page that I find of value and then every now and then he ask me to buy one of their products. From time to time over the last few months since I took Arcane Marketing's course he would send me a message on Facebook and ask how things were going and if there was anything he could do to help. Which was great I would let him know how we were doing and how valuable the information he gave was. Then I told him about how we were having some issues getting people to our corn maze business because it has rained so much this last October. Arcane Marketing then asked if we have done any Facebook ads. I told him I had not been doing any in the last year. Arcane Marketing said he could help and asked if we would like to bring Arcane Marketing in to consult. I took some time to think about it and new that it was really a no brainer. If he could help in the way their class did, I knew I could not lose. Arcane Marketing and their associate Mitch Adams recommended that we do a Facebook live video and then boost it. Wow! It worked great we ended up doing 2 Facebook live videos and reached almost 75,000 people in our area for only $500. Not only did we reach 75,000 it was also targeted at a very specific audience. As I had thought, I could not lose and did not lose. We had huge increases in online ticket sales and onsite sales as well. I highly recommend them to anyone that wants to grow their business.

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  • Nihat Nick Rehmani

    As I have always said, Arcane Marketing breaks down all the technical mumbo jumbo and breaks it down into understandable language that anyone can understand. Very Patient and answer every questions very attentively. Pays attention to everyones needs and want. Excellent program, Highly recommended.

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  • Nancy Jenkins

    We are loving working with Arcane Marketing. Arcane Marketing have been great to work with. They are very professional and really know their stuff. Arcane Marketing has great ideas about ways to post and share on social media. We are very happy with the ads Arcane Marketing has created on Facebook and Instagram.

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  • Mathew Radford

    Arcane Marketing is one of the great digital marketing companies. Plus, Arcane Marketing is great at what they do! Trust me, Arcane Marketing knows business.

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  • Marc Nieto

    Arcane Marketing is an absolute pleasure to work with over our many year relationship and multiple websites. 100% satisfaction on all levels including website design, SEO, and social media. Great communication and task completion. No question a true professional.

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  • Lorrine Kimbrough

    Just won a prize in your contest. THANK YOU.

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  • L JR

    Very professional, courteous and results driven company. I have referred them to several colleagues and will continue to do so in the future.

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  • Kary Christopherson

    Our website is very important to the success of our company and Arcane Marketing keeps everything running smoothly.

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  • D Galley

    Great company!!

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  • Isaac Moan

    I've worked with Arcane Marketing for over 8 years, and [they] consistently [prove themselves] to be extremely knowledgeable about all things SEO, Internet Marketing, AdWords, and Social Media. Arcane Marketing really delivers results, increasing traffic to my clients' websites while contiually decreasing the cost per acquisition. I highly recommend working with him!

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  • Derek Miller

    It's been a real pleasure working with Arcane Marketing. The staff is knowledgeable and professional. I appreciate a marketing firm that doesn't guarantee success but works diligently to achieve it for their clients. The marketing approaches Arcane Marketing uses are proven to work across the board. They understand how marketing online works. Thanks Arcane Marketing for your expertise and professional courtesy you've always given freely. Even before I worked with Arcane Marketing I was given suggestions for increasing my rankings and exposure, that was years ago and today I'm still working with them!

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  • Dennis Nash

    Service tailored to your specific needs... I give my highest recommendation.

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  • David Collette

    Arcane Marketing has a unique set of skills that most businesses struggle with providing themselves. Our business needed a strong web presence and Arcane Marketing knew how to develop that presents. We were buried pages back when we first opened for business. After using another marketing company (that claimed expertise in this area) and being completely dissatisfied with the lack of results, we started looking around for a substitute. We could not afford to waste any more money or time developing a stronger web presents. After visiting with Arcane Marketing and meeting a few of their key team members, I was sold. We did not achieve over night success but I would have to say that our move up the rankings was steady and consistent. It might have happened a little quicker if we had a larger budget but we were still very thrilled with the results. Adjustments were needed along the way as we met frequently to discuss our business goals and strategies. I felt like Arcane Marketing always had our best interest at heart and their performance has been exceptional. Thanks Arcane Marketing for doing so much for our business and willingness to help us achieve our goals.....!!

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  • Daniel Hoekstra

    [Arcane Marketing is] just simply the best in the business of website marketing. Many companies make empty promises, but Arcane Marketing delivers. Not only this, but they maintain communication with their clients which helps them market their clients better. Adjectives that describe Arcane Marketing are: hard working, honest, and sincere. There is no one else I would entrust with my clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Paid Search Management - PPC

PPC stands for Pay Per Click, which is exactly what you are doing when you place an ad on a search engine or social media site. The most common places to place ads are Google and Bing.
PPC marketing, paid search marketing, or pay per click marketing refers to the practice of using ads to attract traffic to a website or a specific webpage.
In this marketing model, a client usually bids for keywords related to their business model or topic within an advertising platform. The advertising platform uses algorithms to match the advertiser with a relevant audience who are searching for information associated with the ad placed. Once an individual searches for the keywords chosen by the advertiser to bid on, they will be automatically shown the ads written by the advertiser along with the search query results.
The advertiser, in this case, will only be charged if the person clicks on one of the ads and visits his website or webpage.
By-and-large, this results in a positive outcome for all the parties involved as the advertiser gets targeted traffic for their website, and the searcher can find the product/service related to their search query easily by clicking on the ad. For the most part, almost all of our clients can benefit from using PPC marketing as a revenue source. If managed well, PPC marketing is a fantastic source of revenue.
Tackling campaign structure, segmentation, click-models, and ad copy are some of the hardest parts of PPC marketing to master successfully.  So, if you are not great or confident at this, or don’t have the time to really set it up and manage it well, then you need to hire a professional… like us!

Primarily, there are 2 main ad network platforms to run a PPC campaign. Google and Bing. Google’s platform is known as Google Ads. Bing is known as Microsoft Ads Network.

There are actually many other sites and ad networks that offer PPC ads platforms, but all of them combined might account for less than 10% of the market share. This is the case for search engines and their ad networks.

We like to help our clients get the most attention for the least amount of cost if possible. Sometimes, depending on your specific campaign goals, it makes sense to utilize and market on these other networks. Additionally, the typical cost-per-click is much less on other ad networks, so the cost-per-engagement goes down. However, this is because there is not nearly as much traffic on other ad networks outside of Google and Bing.

It should also be noted that it’s common to run ad campaigns similar to Google Ads in social networks – like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tik Tok, Pinterest, etc.. However, these networks work a little differently than what we’re describing here on this page. You’ll want to view the Social Media Marketing page to find out more specifics on Social Ads and how they work.

An ad is presented to a searcher when they make a search query, typically on a search engine. Advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. Every time that your ad is clicked, it sends a visitor to your website, and in turn, you pay the search engine or social network a small fee. When PPC is done correctly, the fee you pay per click is trivial because the actual visit can be worth more than what you have paid for it. Costs do come into play when you consider how much you can afford to spend to acquire a new lead or customer. In other words, let’s say it costs you $3.50 for a person to click on your search ad, but the visit to your website resulted in a $100 or $1,000 sale, most likely the cost or Return on investment was well worth it.

There is quite a bit of work that goes on in order to build a successful PPC campaign. A lot of factors to consider.

First, we need to research and select the right keywords that are relevant to the search a potential client will make, as well as relevant to your website. Then those same strategically selected keywords are organized and sorted into segmented campaigns and ad-groups which consists of ads and keywords. From the ads that are placed, we lead a click from a search to a landing page that may be optimized for conversions of one type or another.

A conversion is typically someone who completes a specified action, perhaps a purchase on a website, or filled out a contact form, or even made a phone call or text chat.

Search engines reward advertisers that create relevant, intelligently targeted campaigns by charging them less for ad clicks that perform well. In other words, if your ads seem useful as well as relevant to the search query made… You are getting good traffic/or clicks, and users seem satisfied based on if they are converting or completing a goal, the search engine will reward you by charging less per click. This helps your profit margins and increases your efficiency to get your marketing dollars further to reach a wider audience for a lower budget.

Google uses its own system called Google Ads (formerly known as AdWords). Google Ads is the single most popular PPC advertising system in the world. This system allows businesses to create text or display ads that appear on Google’s search engine and other Google properties.

Every time a search is initiated, Google digs into the pool of Ads advertisers and chooses a set of winners to appear in the valuable ad space on its search results page. The “winners” are chosen based on a combination of factors, including the quality, relevance, and performance of their keywords and ad campaigns, as well as the amount of their keyword bids. More specifically, who gets to appear on the page is based on an advertiser’s Ad Rank, a metric calculated by multiplying two key factors – your Maximum cost per click bid and Quality Score.

Quality Score is a value, determined by Google, that takes into account your click-through rate, keyword relevance, and landing page quality. This entire system allows winning advertisers to reach potential customers at a cost that fits their budget.

To simplify it, PPC ads are basically run similar to an auction.

The typical response to this question is to run an ad campaign on Google. Google is the king of the hill when it comes to search engines, so logically, that is where every company wants their ads to be placed and for good reason. With a professional company creating, running, monitoring, and managing a company ad campaign on Google, you have increased chances to get improved results. Results will depend on the ad spend, however. It’s Google’s way of making sure your advertising dollars stay with them. The more you bid, the more they help you out with the cost per click, the more success you will have, the more money you will spend, the happier Google is. The key to successful PPC campaigns is to know where your audience is and target that place strategically. A fine mixture of Google Ads ads and a few social media ads like on Facebook for general public audience sales or LinkedIn if you are looking for B2B customers, is a great way to jump-start sales.
We will handle everything for you. From creating an AdWords account if you don’t already have one, to running the keyword research, creating the Ad copy, creating the Ad groups, split testing, monitoring, and maintaining the ads throughout each campaign. Same goes with any other PPC ad campaigns you are interested in running. For a social PPC campaign, we first would look at what your company does, how your audience currently finds you, what type of product or service you provide and for whom and then together we would decide as to the right social media PPC campaign to run.

There is no specific figure when it comes to the cost of a PPC campaign as you have the freedom to choose your budget and PPC ad platforms also allow you to choose your bid for each keyword, along with a daily budget of an ad group or a PPC campaign.

The cost of an actual click in a PPC ad campaign depends upon the bid and quality score of an ad.Positioning your ad in the right place can make quite a difference in the performance. Better positioning of your ad will impact how many clicks you might receive.

Be aware, that among other factors like Ad Rank or Quality Score, the maximum bid price for your ad will help determine what rank your ad may appear when a search query is made. If you have a high-quality score, then you may be able to get a better position on search engine results pages with a lower bid, but if you have a low-quality score, then you will need to bid higher, and this will increase the cost of each click on your PPC campaign.

Some industries have high competition, and this leads to higher costs per click bids as there are keywords which will cost you $50 or more for a single click. Although, in most cases, you can get a decent amount of traffic for a bid of less than $2 per click. So, the cost of a PPC ad campaign will vary and depend on several factors which may be different from one advertiser to another.


Now, if you’re asking about how much Arcane Marketing charges to run a PPC campaign… we can only narrow down the answer slightly. In about 99% of all campaigns that we either take over or start, there’s immediate work we can easily point out that needs to be fixed or improved. Sometimes, it means scrapping the campaign structure you might already have and rebuilding based on historical data that exists. Sometimes it’s just a few tweaks and updates. The point is that there will almost always be a campaign development charge. These start out around $600 and go up from there. A typical campaign development for the bulk of our clients falls around $1,000-$1,500 depending on the size and complexity of the set up needed. Additionally, if we need to build a few PPC specific landing pages, the price could potentially go up. It all depends on the structure and size of your campaign and your goals.

For on-going services, it should noted that WE DO NOT COLLECT YOUR AD SPEND FUNDS. You pay those funds directly to the platform advertiser (i.e. Google, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc…). All that we collect are the service fees for us to actively manage and optimize your campaigns. This starts around $400/mo and will increase depending on your total ad spend budget. Our most common client spends between $600 – $1,000/mo for us to manage their PPC campaigns. It is typically not a percentage (%) of your budget like most companies or agencies offer (hint: that is a more expensive way to pay for your PPC management!)

Our incentives are not to increase your ad spend, unless it makes sense to scale up a winning and profitable campaign to increase volume. Some other agencies are motivated to increase your ad spend simply so that they can charge more for what they do. We like to think our fee structure is the most fair. After all, it’s taken us a few years to build and develop our pricing, based on experience.

Do you want to see our pricing structure? Give us a call and ask – we’d be happy to send it to you!

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