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Over 100 dental practices have trusted Arcane Marketing to grow their practices with digital marketing. That many dentists can’t be wrong! The point here is that you need someone who can take the reigns of your digital marketing and run. You don’t have time to wait for someone to figure out what to do next. We have the strategy and processes that already work! 

So, right now, ask yourself – what would your growth goals look like -and- what if you actually hit them? We already know the answer.

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We Help Dental Practices Grow

Digital marketing needs vary from one dentist to another. No two dentists or markets are the same.

Though the details of the your specific strategy can vary based on your practice needs (and goals), the results of all of our efforts remain the same: to help you get MORE TARGETED PATIENTS:

Your time is precious. If there were 30 hours in a day instead of 24, you could invest that extra time becoming a master of digital marketing on top of already being an amazing dentist. But, let’s face it, the days aren’t getting any longer and of all your resources, time is the most scarce. What you need is a partner or maybe just a new partner. A digital marketing partner focused 100% on dental marketing that allows you to focus on doing what you do best. Dentisting!

You Do The Dental Work, We'll Take Care Of The Rest

Our Dental Practice Marketing Strategies

Our dental marketing experts, along with our well thought out strategies have helped hundreds of dental practices and DSOs succeed in today’s digital landscape. We use the most up to date digital marketing strategies, and continually help shape the dental marketing industry. 

What you won’t find are complex funnels and email triggers. Plain and simple, the best known digital marketing strategies simply work. This is SEO, PPC Management, Social Media, and Web Design.

Whatever you need when it comes to online marketing, we can handle it. Our #1 objective is to get you more new, targeted, patients.

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Social Media Marketing
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You Might Be Looking For a Name Drop. Take a Look At a Few of the Dental Practices We've Helped Become Successful!

The logos shown above are only a handful out of many of our most well-known brands that we work with. Some are quite famous already. And the others? Well, you’ll probably hear about them soon.

Our Core Digital Marketing Services We Provide Dentists


Social Media

Web Design


Stop paying for outdated marketing services and start beating your competitors in just a few months with our proven strategies!

  • Attract more new patients
  • Increase your branding visibility
  • Generate more revenue
  • Grow your Dental Practice 
  • …even if you’ve got a limited budget or don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to marketing!
Introducing Arcane Marketing
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Our Most Successful Dental Clients Are Doing this...

With over 15 years of experience working with some of the best dental practices in the country, we offer everything you need to beat your competition and grow your dental practice.  Here’s what our most successful clients get our help with…

The Real Secret to Growing Your Dental Practice

It’s pretty obvious that dentists have a broad base of patient types. We all have teeth, after all. (Or, at least most of us do.)

Some people visit a dentist’s website because they want in-depth information on the services they offer. It’s common to learn more about the dentists they may be seeing. Many people are looking for dentists who perform specific services and offer specific products – resin fillings instead of amalgam, Zirconium implants instead of metal, Invisalign instead of braces… 

Still others want to get a good feel for the kind of office a dentist runs. They want to know what the atmosphere is like. They want to know what kinds of accommodations, if any, a dental clinic offers (like aromatherapy or chair massage).

Others, of course, are just looking for an easy way to schedule an appointment.

We manage your digital marketing efforts with all of these demographics in mind.  This is the great secret of the most successful dental practices.

Successes In Doing SEO For Dentists

We’ve seen dental clinics struggle to achieve brand awareness, fail to get the leads they want through their website, and find difficulty ranking in search results no matter what they do. After auditing their websites and setting-up/executing the right SEO strategies, we’ve been able to:
Get Them Ranking On Page One Of Search Results For Dental-Related Local Searches
Make Dental Websites User-Friendly & Optimized For Conversions
Create A Real Online Presence For Dentists In Their Local Area

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You get a $1300 marketing evaluation for free!  

Here’s what’s included:
  1. Website analysis to determine how effective it is at helping you attract new customers ($249 value).
  2. Social media analysis to see how engaged your customers are with you ($149 value).
  3. Google My Business analysis to determine how easy it is for your customers to find your business ($497 value).
  4. Analysis of your current digital marketing campaigns to see what improvements can be made ($197 value).
  5. Customized recommendations to grow your dental practice ($297 value).

Free SEO Audit

Ongoing SEO For Dental Services

What You Can Expect Long-Term

For SEO to be effective, it needs to be a consistent thing. It’s a lot like exercise. You don’t get permanent results from a single month at the gym.

While our first brainstorming strategy lays the groundwork for us to get started, we’re ready to commit to the long-term project of increasing your rankings, improving user experience, and ultimately, getting you more business.

This requires monitoring your analytics and discovering what works best for your website. SEO for dentists is like all SEO – we need a roadmap in order to reach new destinations.

Arcane Marketing SEO Circle

On-going SEO for dental websites includes:

Just a Few of the Companies We Work With...

The logos shown above are only a handful out of many of our most well-known brands that we work with. Some are quite famous already. And the others? You’ll probably hear about them quite soon.

Dental Case Studies

Dental Websites by Arcane Marketing

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