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how to improve paid ads on google and social media

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Each year Clickfunnels hosts their annual marketing conference, Funnel Hacking Live, to provide opportunities for members of their community and others to meet together, to learn and celebrate their successes.

This year Funnel Hacking Live happened in Orlando, Florida and Nathan Hawkes and Terry Hansen had a chance to participate. In a three part series, we wanted to provide an overview of some of the key insights and takeaways from the conference in an effort to help those who were not able to attend to learn and apply the same principles.

Model Digital Marketing Success By Finding the Control

The idea behind finding the control is that there are pieces of your marketing that are making people drop off. And if you don’t know what that is you could be making unnecessary adjustments on things that are not helping. There’s somewhere in the line that is turning people off and it might not be what you think it is.

There are various ways to figure out what that looks like.

Make sure you have tracking set up. You can not improve what you don’t track and measure. A few things you can use are Google analytics, call tracking, CallRail. If you are tracking your calls, find out how many calls are coming into your business and how long they are. You can connect it to analytics and find the source of what generates the phone call, where the calls are coming from.

Having tracking pixels like Facebook is super super important.

What can you incorporate that’s working well there?

Use what you find as the control, as the basis and then innovate on top of that. Once you beat the control and you are getting more traffic, clicks, leads, calls etc then your new result becomes the control. That becomes the new benchmark that you are trying to beat. It’s a non-stop process of beating the control, beating the control, beating the control!

How do you find the benchmark information?

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Everybody’s attention is already on social media, so use it to your benefit; hook them and disrupt them in some way. You can do this with social media ads. Have you ever found an ad that you liked and wanted to know more about how it’s performing? You can look at their Facebook page and then using a desktop or laptop computer, scroll down on the left hand side and find the sections called “page transparency”. If you click on that, there’s a section that shows what current ads they’re running and any of its public information.

There’s another place on Facebook to find ads called the Ads Library. You can access this by going to facebook.com/ads/library then search a company and it will bring up all of the ads they are currently running.

If you want to find benchmark information on paid search, say pay-per-click in Google, there are several tools that you can use to go see what your competitors ads might be at the time. Some of them give you an indication of how much they’re spending on those ads.

To recap, first you need to find the control. Secondly, don’t reinvent the wheel. Instead model yourself after something that’s already working! Once you see improvement and hit your first benchmark, evaluate and start over again!

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What are different ways that you can improve the way that you communicate to your audience through ads?

93% of brands are discovered on social media via video. If you guys aren’t doing video you should be!
There are seven types of ads that could work for just about any type of service.

1. Spokesperson or anchor

You want someone to be the brand face. That could be an influencer or it could just be someone pretty, or someone not too pretty, not so ready!

You’ve probably seen these videos all the time. It’s just a single person in front of the camera talking about whatever the product or service is that is being offered.

2. Product or service demo

This type of video is a way that you can show what your product does. You could explain in a video how you’re enhancing people’s lives or helping them reach their goals or solving problems. If you are selling a product it is easy to show it in action. If you are selling your services then your product demo would be showing you in action.

Say you are a real estate agent. You could have a video showing people a walk through of a house or sitting down at the closing table. Feature people actively consuming your service.

3. Social Proof

Social proof is a way of getting other people’s opinions or reviews. Maybe you get a customer to contribute a video of them talking about how great the product is or talk about their experience using your service. Have them share what it could do for them.

“I loved using this Chiropractor, Dr. So-and-so. He’s so kind, gentle and wonderful”.

Just a customer testimonial would be a great example of social proof.

4. Closer ads

This type of video is very specific and more aggressive in the messaging. It’s trying to get people to take action right now. Things like “Hey we’ve got this special, so buy it right now”. “Sign up right now” Tell them the specific action you want them to take that will lead them directly towards the purchase or a revenue driving piece.

On social media ads there’s kind of this one, two punch tactic where you use something to get their attention and then after they have interacted (share, comment, tag etc) you can show them the second in what’s called a targeting ad. This closer ad is a great example of a targeting ad because they have already seen the product they just haven’t bought yet.

5. Case studies

Show how your product or your service has affected people positively in the past and what metrics from tracking that you could use. For example, we get a lot of dental clients. So I actually have doctors that will ask what we have done for other dentists. I can preempt that question by saying “Here’s an ad. Check out the results that we got for this doctor”. Show them the benefit of using you before they even think to ask.

6. Lifestyle

Lifestyle ads tend to work really well. You show the product or service in action. Not as a demo but as an everyday person using it. What does the end result look like? What are some of the benefits? The lifestyle ad is a showcase of it being used.
Kind of like the before and after picture.

7. Unboxing video

How many of you or your kids have watched others unbox toys or other products? An unboxing video tells your customers “Here’s what you can expect”. You are walking them through the process. It doesn’t always have to be just e-commerce products either. You can also make a video about what happens when they engage in your service. Adapt it a little bit.

Take these ideas of the 7 different types of videos and utilize them all. Create a video, analyze, see what worked and then approach the same thing but from a different angle or style of video. Some people will respond to emotion, some to price and some will respond to urgency. Some customers you will get responding to the rational logical side of the videos. Everyone is built differently and so by utilizing the seven different ads you will appeal to different people in different ways.

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