Keyword Research

Keyword Research For Your Online Marketing Campaigns

All great and successful online marketing campaigns begin with keyword research. The keywords you use to optimize your website and Google Ads campaign must be chosen based on competitiveness, relevance, and estimated search volume. In other words, when you choose the right keywords for your marketing campaigns, your ROI can increase significantly.

Keyword Research Pricing

40-60 Keywords

$ 225
  • This package is perfect for a small to medium sized company in a niche industry using a small website. It is also ideal for a small PPC marketing campaigns.

80-100 Keywords

$ 300
  • This package is adequate for an established blog or a local business with up to two locations. In addition, this package will be good for a PPC marketing campaign with a few campaigns with a few ad sets.

200-250 Keywords

$ 500
  • This package is just right for a local marketing campaign with up to 4 locations. A small ecommerce website will also benefit with this package. This is a great option for a medium sized PPC marketing campaign.

250+ Keywords

Call for Pricing
  • If you have a very large ecommerce website (e.g. thousands of SKUs) or a very robust PPC marketing campaign, a custom keyword research option is available. Please contact us to let us know of your needs and we'll suggest a package and price that will fit your budget.

What You'll Get With Your Keyword research

When you order a keyword research package from us, we’ll schedule a call with you to get a better understanding of your business and marketing goals. After that call, we’ll begin researching the best keywords for your needs that will be based on the following:

  • Relevance – all of the keywords that we research for you will be highly related to your business and your industry. They will be keywords that we know people use to search for services and products that you sell.
  • Competitiveness – Your competitors are trying to rank for the same keywords that you are. Knowing this, we’ll research a wide variety of keywords that your competitors may not be optimized for but will also help searchers find your website more often. Some keywords are way more competitive than others and we’ll let you know what you’ll need to do to rank for all keywords that we research for your business.
  • Search Volume – We use a variety of tools to help us understand the approximate search volume for each keyword that we choose for you. People have to be actually searching for them for us to include them in your research. We’ll explain why we have chosen some keywords other others based on the search volume that we see.

What Our Keyword Research Is Not

Our keyword research is only to be used as a suggestion when you are using them in your marketing campaigns. Because there are hundreds of metrics that search engines use to determine how your website will rank for any given keyword, it must be understood that our keyword research in no way guarantees any results for you or your business. It is up to you (or the marketing agency you have hired) to use your keywords in a sound and robust optimization strategy.

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