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We Believe Success Looks Like the New ROI Generated For Your Practice From the New Dollars Created By Our Dental PPC Management Services. Period.

You might be viewing this page because you’re part of a dental practice that needs a little help with your local digital marketing game. You are interested in increasing your new appointments and patient count each month. Maybe you’re talking with a few digital marketing agencies already. Arcane Marketing has a particular skill set in PPC Management in the dental world that gives us an unfair advantage over anyone else you might be talking with.

We specialize in PPC Management/Google Ads for dentists.

Our experience in the world of paid search dates back over a decade. We’ve become quite proficient in helping our dental clients to figure out what they need and decide on their practice’s goals. We’ll outline a plan for you to reach those goals. We closely monitor 3 key success indicators:

  1. Traffic (and where it’s coming from),
  2. Conversions (and what’s working),
  3. and Cost Per Acquisition (CPA);

to ensure that you see a positive return on your investment. We have helped numerous dentists gain more patients in some of the most competitive markets across the country. Let us help you grow your dental practice and increase your revenue through effective Pay-Per-Click Marketing strategies. Let’s talk!

Talking with us doesn’t mean any obligation on your part at all. We legitimately want to help. You have questions and we have the answers. Let us help you with the things you either do or don’t know that’s keeping more patients from setting an appointment with you. Let’s talk!

Focusing On Results That Matter

Over 100 dental practices have trusted Arcane Marketing to grow their practices with digital marketing, and specifically, Google Ads management. That many dentists can’t be wrong! The point here is that you need someone who can take the reigns of your digital marketing and run. You don’t have time to wait for someone to figure out what to do next. Having worked with many dental practices on their digital marketing for the last decade means that we already have the strategy and processes that work! 

So, right now, ask yourself – what would your growth goals look like -and- what if you actually hit them? We already know the answer.

Get More Appointments Set & Patients to Your Practice. Consistently.

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Paid Search Traffic Growth

As you may, or may not know, the main objective with paid search management (ads optimization) using Google Ads is to align your potential patient’s search interest with the right ad. Google then finds the most relevant and engaging ad to recommend to the searcher. This happens in several different ways all at the same time. The 1st step is making sure all of your ad campaigns are set up and optimized. While it’s not a small step in the Google Ads process, many of these tasks are based off of good solid, thorough set up to begin with. It’s important not to forget that PPC Management is all about data collection. We can pull and study the data to make sure the campaigns are set up correctly from the get go. By removing all of the issues (according to Google’s ad policies) and making your ad campaigns simple and user friendly, we remove reasons that might hold the recommendation from Google back. This often leads to an immediate increase in your ad rankings. The result for you: is increased clicks or requests for more appointments and more patients in the chair.
Dental traffic increase from digital marketing
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Display Ads & Remarketing

Display ads are a form of online advertising that appear on websites, apps, or social media platforms as banners, images, or videos. For dentists we use display ads to promote their services to a targeted audience based on factors such as geographic location, interests, and demographics.

Remarketing, on the other hand, is a type of advertising that targets people who have previously interacted with your website or online content. Remarketing ads commonly use display ads. Dentists can use remarketing to show ads to people who have visited their website or landing page but didn’t convert into a patient. It’s like getting a 2nd chance!

By combining display ads with remarketing, dentists can target people who have already shown an interest in their services and are more likely to convert into patients. This can help to increase the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns and ultimately drive more business.

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More Appointments & Patients

In most dental office areas, getting more patients is the name of the game. Arcane Marketing is all about data. We recommend implementing call tracking for every client. Call tracking helps us to fill in the gaps from what all other analytical data can show us. This helps us know what’s really working and where your new patients are actually coming from. Results will vary depending on the dental practice area and your competitor dental practices, however, many of our clients see great traffic growth from the targeted inquiries their dental office see from Google, Bing, and other search engines..

graph from Arcane Marketing to display increase of business over time using digital marketing services
Working with Arcane Marketing for PPC services has been a game-changer for our dental practice. Their expertise and experience have significantly increased our website traffic, conversions, and ROI. Outstanding communication and customer service. Highly impactful!
- Dr. Brady Grewitski, DDS, DMD
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Get More Calls From Your Patients Who Are Looking For You, Right Now!

It’s a fact, when people are looking for a local business, they go to Google, a perform a quick search. We know they look at map listings, photos, reviews, and then they make their choice. We know from data that you have to earn your patient’s trust. There’s an association with higher listings/rankings and increased trust. Through ad assets, we can make sure your listing in Google Maps is the first one people see. This is why it is so important to have your dental office listed at the top of the search results. Optimizing your Google Business Profile completely is a big edge that most other practices simply don’t do very well. Lucky for you, Arcane Marketing has over a decade of experience in Local PPC ads for dentists and we’ve become known for showing success. If you’re ready to stake your claim and get new appointments made, you need to work with Arcane Marketing.

Arcane Marketing's Approach To
Dental PPC

Our Dental PPC Management strategy consists of the 5 following broad areas:

Competitor Analysis

In a very similar way to how dentists start with their new patients by taking x-rays, we like to know what we're working with before we can start work. Your Google Ads account -and- your website is center stage in any PPC Management strategy. We need to know what you've done well up to this point and what you need help with. Arcane Marketing does an audit of your website to help us lay out the game-plan moving forward. Additionally, we need to know how you stack up to the competitors. We can determine and prioritize your paid search strategy so that we can easily compete and dominate in your market. This audit is performed by and shared with our in-house PPC Management team. It's important that we don't start working on strategies that are mindless and don't move you forward. It's important to do what actually works.

Keyword Research

Our experience is that most dentists already believe they know what keywords they want their dental practice to show up when their patients are doing searches for a good dental practice. However, experience tells us that there are many hidden "golden nugget" keywords that have typically been overlooked in the past. We refer to these as the "low hanging fruit." A word of caution: These keywords that tend to perform well for one dental practice don't always work for all of them. This will vary from one geographic location to another. It can also vary based on seasonality and trends. We've found that we can pull data for your practice that will bring to light search topics that you might not have considered talking more about. Once we have these  keywords researched and mapped out the work begins! Successful PPC execution and ROI from them are only a short time away.

Ad Development
Developing Ads for your audience requires a bit of finesse. Experience tells us that the right message and how your searchers see it means everything with how well your ads perform. There are several different types of ads we utilize for getting the right clicks from the right audience: Responsive Text ads, Call ads, Display ads, and Video ads. When coupled with the right strategy for developing your high performing ad, you get a very well performing ad set.

These ads include, but are not limited with the following:
  • Use clear and compelling calls to action
  • Use a simple design with lots of white space
  • Write compelling and attention-grabbing headlines
  • Write copy that’s clear and straightforward
  • Use video and images strategically to retain attention
  • Make information easy to digest by using bullets, stand-out quotations, and visuals
Campaign Development
Campaign Development for your Dental PPC ads is of paramount importance. We've found, from managing hundreds of dental practice PPC ad accounts, is to set it up properly from the get-go. It's hard to duct-tape fix poorly structured accounts and get them to work well. To give you some of the detail, see the list below of the not-all-inclusive steps we take with all of our PPC Management clients. Below are a few of the proper steps to researching, defining, and setting up a proper dental ppc ads strategy:

  • A website review for improved conversions and on-going consulting for PPC success
  • A complete analysis of your PPC history
  • Design and build proper campaigns for:
  • Search, remarketing, Google Shopping ads and others
  • Perform a comprehensive keyword research and selection
  • Build and implement a comprehensive negative keyword list
  • Geographical segmentation with campaigns and ad groups.
  • Geographical targeting
  • Demographic targeting
  • Use of proper keyword categorization, matching options and ad group development
  • Write effective ad copy - multiple ads per ad group for constant benchmark testing
  • Set budgeting tools properly
  • Set proper ad schedules
  • Set the right bidding strategy
  • Guide proper tracking code installation for Google Analytics and PPC conversion tracking
While you might not know it, this is perhaps the single biggest hack or tip on how to make your Google Ads campaigns perform better than they ever have. There is one single word that best describes this: Segmentation. The biggest mistakes that we see in Google Ads/Bing Ads over and over is that the campaigns and ad groups are too bloated. The more you can single down your results, the more you can segment, the more control you have. Not all Ads accounts are managed the same. No 2 clients are exactly the same. It's common for us to see ads accounts that are in dire need of segmentation. By narrowing down the campaigns (i.e. creating more of them) we can easily determine which campaigns are successful with positive ROI, and which ones are under-performing. This allows us to control the flow of budget better. We can pull budget from under-performing campaigns and put it in better performing campaigns. This leads to a PPC Management style called ROAS (return on ad spend). While it might not start this way, the sooner you can get to the following status as quickly as possible, the faster you'll start to perform better. Better performance means more appointments and more paid services from patients.
  • 1 ad group per campaign
  • 1-3 keywords per ad group
  • 1-3 ads per ad group
  • Each ad group deserves it's own landing page
Landing Page Optimization
Unless you've been living under a rock for the last decade, you're probably familiar with the importance of landing pages and conversion optimization. It's the meat and potatoes of PPC and how it will work for your dental practice. You can design the perfect display ad and the perfect search ad, and then sit back and expect the traffic to pour in like a runaway train, but if you don't optimize the post-click target, all you'll see are tumbleweeds.

Engaging with potential clients after they click on your company's PPC ad is known as post-click engagement. See it as a standard marketing funnel. First clicks establish awareness and demonstrate user interest. Decisions are made at the landing page level.

Depending on how your landing page conversion optimization affects your users' (or patients in this case) consideration of your dental practice, they may completely leave your site or move farther down the funnel. With a proper landing page set up, designed to help people make a decision quickly, it is your chance to as completely customize the path to becoming an appointment as quickly as you can.

Do you want more appointments and patients? You should hire Arcane Marketing to manage your PPC account.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our SEO Services

We will handle everything for you. Our Dental PPC Management services are full-service. From creating an Ads account, if you don’t already have one, to running the keyword research, creating the Ad copy, creating the Ad groups, split testing, monitoring, and maintaining the ads throughout each campaign. Same goes with any other PPC ad campaigns you are interested in running. For a social PPC campaign, we first would look at what your dental office specializes in, how your patients currently find you, what type of services you provide and for whom and then together we would decide as to the right PPC campaign to run for your practice.

Of course, even a quick phone call with our team should give you some insight on what can be done moving forward (and that's FREE). Can we work with you for just $500? Maybe. Most of our services are continuous and happen over time. That's the real value. Our dental clients hire us with a recurring monthly charge to work on their PPC campaigns month after month. However, $500 is something and you need to start somewhere. While it might not make the difference in your ROI immediately that you're hoping for, it will help. We're all about doing our homework and making sure you see the benefit. Consider that most of your competition is likely well-established. Even with a higher monthly budget (more than $500/mo) it will take months for you to see consistent positive results. The good news is - PPC WORKS! Just know that Arcane Marketing is not interested in taking your money if we don't think it will produce results for you.

Easy, communication. Arcane Marketing's communication is amazing. We've spent the last few years dialing this in. Our reporting is one piece that sets us apart from other dental marketing companies. Additionally, in all of this you have no idea how it works or what they are even doing. Then when you ask for clarification these types of companies stall or try to talk over your head with technical terminology. The monthly reports you get from Arcane Marketing consist of ROI focused results (calls, form fills, conversions, appointments, etc.) and also access to specific PPC tasks we performed. We want to tell you what we're doing, what happened, and what benefit you saw from it all. Then each month is repeated this way. There's no guessing, no secret voodoo, just goodness.

The truth is that it usually takes a little longer than most people brag that it does. Yes, Pay-Per-Click is much faster than other digital marketing strategies. However, we've found that if you can give consistent effort for at least 4 months, then it's easy for us to show positive ROI. Results will depend on many different variables. We like to determine with our clients what success looks like. This could be increased click-through-rate, more traffic, more phone calls, more form fills, more "butts-in-chairs", more Google Business Profile listing views, etc. However, the short answer is that most clients see positive results within about 60 days. Most of our dental clients stick around for 3+ years, if that says anything... We drive more traffic, more engagement, more revenue to your practice all while decreasing your cost to acquire patients (CPA).

There is no specific figure when it comes to the cost of a PPC campaign as you have the freedom to choose your budget and PPC ad platforms also allow you to choose your bid for each keyword, along with a daily budget of an ad group or a PPC campaign.

The cost of an actual click in a PPC ad campaign depends upon the bid and quality score of an ad.Positioning your ad in the right place can make quite a difference in the performance. Better positioning of your ad will impact how many clicks you might receive.

Sometimes the dental industry can have high competition, and this leads to higher costs per click bids as there are keywords which will cost you $20 or more for a single click. Although, in most cases, you can get a decent amount of traffic for a bid of less than $2-$3 per click. So, the cost of a PPC ad campaign will vary and depend on several factors which may be different from one advertiser to another. Ultimately, you get to choose your own monthly ad spend budget. Of course, we're here to help and can give you good advice as to what kind of budget is appropriate.

We hear that enough to know that it's just not true. There's a reason this question is in the FAQ. Statistically, PPC performs better today for dentists than all the previous years. Companies (and dental practices) will spend more on PPC in the next 2-5 years than ever. We're not saying pay-per-click is the only way to market, but it is a great digital marketing service to utilize. Everyone else is... simply because it works. Arcane Marketing actively practices tried and true strategies that work (very well we might add). Is PPC marketing worth it? Yup. We can prove it.

My dental practice has struggled to grow consistently year over year. Yeah, we grow, but there are some months that are up and some that are down. It's a relentless battle... if you know what I mean. The day we took the leap of faith and chose Arcane Marketing for PPC Management was a great day. Almost immediately we started getting fantastic results. The phone started ringing almost immediately. What feels best about this relationship is the fact that they truly care about our practice and have often bent over backwards to help. It has been invaluable to my office. Do yourself a favor and just hire these guys. They know exactly what they're doing.
- Dr. John Hansen, DMD, DDS

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