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You might be viewing this page because you’re part of a dental practice that needs a little help with your local SEO game. You are interested in increasing your new appointments and patient count each month. Maybe you’re talking with a few digital marketing agencies already. Arcane Marketing has a particular skill set in Local SEO in the dental world that gives us an unfair advantage over anyone else you might be talking with.

We specialize in SEO for dentists.

Our experience in the world of SEO dates back over a decade. We’ve become quite proficient in helping our dental clients to figure out what they need and decide on their practice’s goals. We’ll outline a plan for you to reach those goals. We closely monitor 3 key success indicators: conversions, traffic, and rankings; to ensure that you see a positive return on your investment. We have helped numerous dentists gain more patients in some of the most competitive markets across the country. Let us help you grow your dental practice and increase your revenue through effective SEO strategies. Let’s talk.

Talking with us doesn’t mean any obligation on your part. We want to help. You have questions and we have the answers. Let’s talk!

Focusing On Results That Matter

Over 100 dental practices have trusted Arcane Marketing to grow their practices with digital marketing. That many dentists can’t be wrong! The point here is that you need someone who can take the reigns of your digital marketing and run. You don’t have time to wait for someone to figure out what to do next. Having worked with many dental practices on their digital marketing for the last decade means that we already have the strategy and processes that work! 

So, right now, ask yourself – what would your growth goals look like -and- what if you actually hit them? We already know the answer.

Get More Appointments Set & Patients to Your Practice. Consistently.

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Organic Traffic Growth

As you may, or may not know, the main objective with SEO is to align your potential patient’s search interest with your website. Google then finds the most experienced, expertise, authority, and trustworthy (EEAT) content to recommend to the searcher. This happens in several different ways all at the same time. The 1st step is making your all of your on-page updates are completed and optimized. While it’s not a small step in the SEO process, many of these on-page tasks are just a 1-time update. By removing all of the issues (according to Google, Bing, and other search engines) and making your website quick and user friendly, we remove reasons that might hold the recommendation from Google back. This often leads to an immediate increase in your keyword rankings. The result for you is increased phone calls or requests for more appointments and more patients in the chair.

Dental traffic increase from digital marketing
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Backlink Acquisition & Growth

Link Building and Link Acquisition are arguably the most beneficial and difficult part of SEO. In fact, many other agencies either can’t or won’t do it. That’s like trying to drive your car with only 3 of the 4 wheels installed on the car. Missing link building is not helpful. Arcane Marketing does link building and does it very well. We employe many strategies for improvements in both the organic results and local maps results. Great link building is something that sets Arcane Marketing’s SEO for dentists, apart from other SEO companies.

More Appointments & Patients

In most dental office areas, getting more patients is the name of the game. Arcane Marketing is all about data. We recommend implementing call tracking for every client. Call tracking helps us to fill in the gaps from what all other analytical data can show us. This helps us know what’s really working and where your new patients are actually coming from. Results will vary depending on the dental practice area and your competitor dental practices, however, many of our clients see great traffic growth from the targeted inquiries their dental office see from Google, Bing, and other search engines..

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Get More Calls From Your Patients Who Are Looking For You, Right Now!

It’s a fact, when people are looking for a local business, they go to Google, a perform a quick search. We know they look at map listings, photos, reviews, and then they make their choice. We know from data that you have to earn your patient’s trust. There’s an association with higher listings/rankings and increased trust. This is why it is so important to have your dental office listed at the top of the search results. Optimizing your Google Business Profile completely is a big edge that most other practices simply don’t do very well. Lucky for you, Arcane Marketing has over a decade of experience in Local SEO for dentists and we’ve become known for showing success. If you’re ready to stake your claim and get new appointments made, you need to work with Arcane Marketing.

Arcane Marketing's Approach To
Dental SEO

Our local SEO strategy for dentists consists of the 5 following broad areas:

Site Audits & Competitor Analysis

In a very similar way to how dentists start with their new patients by taking x-rays, we like to know what we're working with before we can start work. Your website is center stage in any SEO strategy. We need to know what you've done well up to this point and what you need help with. Arcane Marketing does an audit of your website to help us lay out the game-plan moving forward. Additionally, we need to know how you stack up to the competitors. We can determine and prioritize your SEO strategy so that we can easily compete and dominate in your market. This audit is performed by and shared with our in-house SEO team. It's important that we don't start working on tasks that are mindless and don't move you forward.

Keyword Research

Our experience is that most dentists already believe they know what keywords they want their dental practice to show up in the search engines. However, we also know there are many hidden "golden nugget" keywords that have typically been overlooked in the past. We refer to these as the "low hanging fruit." A word of caution: These keywords that tend to perform well for one dental practice don't always work for all of them. This will vary from one geographic location to another. It can also vary based on seasonality and trends. We've found that we can pull data for your practice that will bring to light search topics that you might not have considered talking more about. Once we have these topics and keywords pointed out, the work begins! Successful SEO execution and ROI from them are only a short time away.

Content Strategy

When you combine the data and information pulled from the website audit and the keyword research, it's usually pretty easy to see a path of where you need attention and work. Content is most often referred to as the words written on your website. Now, don't discount the power of well-written content (it's probably more powerful than you'll ever know), but content can also include images, video, and audio. We've been developing content across the United States and Canada for many dental practices for years. As previously stated, every market is a little different, but we seem to have a handle on what works and what doesn't. In fact, we're utilizing some of our content strategy right here on this very page, but you might not have known it. Making sure you have the right information for people (and the search engines) to see matters. Arcane Marketing is a content marketing machine.

On-Page Optimization

Unless you've been living under a rock for the last decade, you're probably familiar with on-page optimization. It's the meat and potatoes of SEO. You know, the meta descriptions, title tags, alt tags, heading tags, schema, etc. Because your website is the home-base of your digital marketing, we cannot over-stress the importance of having a well-optimized website. On-page optimization is much more than just those previous stated items. The differences between one dental practice and another, according to the search engines, might be very small. However, the devil is in the details and by having better on-page optimization you can outperform other competitor dental offices. We've done it many times. Thankfully, we not only know what we're doing, but we have a suite a SEO tools that help to point out the small details to us so that nothing is overlooked. We're on it!

Local Search

If your dental practice is located in Houston, TX, it won't help you very much to rank well in the search results in Los Angeles, CA. Ranking well on Google Maps (this includes Bing Maps and now even Apple Maps), is one of the single best indicators of search engine optimization results. Optimizing your Google Business Profile, building local citations, getting more reviews, improving your NAP consistency (name, address, phone number), and improving the local tone in the content on your website are all major contributing factors in your local maps ranking. Google Business Profile is more important today than it ever has been. The good news for you is Arcane Marketing's particular skillset absolutely covers this part of your local SEO service.

Link Building

Experience has shown us that having great content is important. However, just having good quality content will not perform by itself. This is where link building comes in. Arguably the most controversial and difficult part of SEO, link building alone can easily tip the scales of a dental website that will or won't perform well. There are many different methods and theories to link building. We know them all. You may not necessarily want to get into the weeds of link acquisition, which is a big reason why most dentists hire Arcane Marketing. We specialize in all of the complex and techie stuff so that you don't have to. Link building is a substantial part of your long-term success with SEO. We've become quite good at this part simply so that you don't have to. Are you ready to get started?

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our SEO Services

Arcane Marketing uses a variety of different link building strategies for dental offices. Depending on what your specific goals and needs are will determine what kind of links you need most. Our experience is that most dentists are in dire need of local citations to help with your local maps rankings. However, we have the ability to work on manual outreach, guest blogs, local directories, web 2.0 articles, press releases, dental directories, sponsored links, etc. It's important to look at what links you have, then determine what you need. From there we can decide what kind of links will have the most impact on your specific dental practice.

Of course, even a quick phone call with our team should give you some insight on what can be done moving forward (and that's FREE). Can we work with you for just $500? Maybe. Most of our services are continuous and happen over time. That's the real value. Our dental clients hire us with a recurring monthly charge to work on their SEO campaigns month after month. However, $500 is something and you need to start somewhere. While it might not make the difference in your ROI immediately that you're hoping for, it will help. We're all about doing our homework and making sure you see the benefit. Consider that most of your competition is likely well-established. Even with a higher monthly budget (more than $500/mo) it will take months for you to see measurable results. The good news is - SEO WORKS! Just know that Arcane Marketing is not interested in taking your money if we don't think it will produce results for you.

Easy, communication. Arcane Marketing's communication is amazing. We've spent the last few years dialing this in. Our reporting is one piece that sets us apart from other dental marketing companies. You might have heard other agencies say when you pay me, I can show some vague and broad deliverables. Additionally, in all of this you have no idea how it works or what they are even doing. Then when you ask for clarification these types of companies stall or try to talk over your head with technical terminology. The monthly reports you get from Arcane Marketing consist of ROI focused results (calls, form fills, traffic, rankings, conversions, etc.) and also access to specific SEO tasks we performed. We want to tell you what we're doing, what happened, and what benefit you saw from it all. Then each month is repeated this way. There's no guessing, no secret voodoo, just goodness.

The truth is that it's hard to say. Results will depend on many different variables. These can include, but not limited to the following: Time your dental practice has existed, time your website has existed, the history of your website, your geographic location, the services you offer, the goals you've set, your budget, and most importantly how well you stack up against the competitor dental practices. Getting results may take a few short months or a considerable amount of time. We like to determine with our clients what success looks like. This could be increased rankings, more traffic, more phone calls, more form fills, more "butts-in-chairs", more Google Business Profile listing views, more website domain authority, etc. However, the short answer is that most clients see positive results within about 90 days. Most of our dental clients stick around for 3+ years, if that says anything... We drive more traffic, more engagement, more revenue to your practice all while decreasing your cost to acquire patients (CPA).

Can we? Yes. But, successful SEO isn't about getting your website to #1. Additionally, it isn't only about getting more traffic. This is really about your dental practice making more money. Plan and simple. We know this means a growth in new patients. We combine rankings with other important key performance indicators like overall traffic, form fills, phone calls, and how all of these improve from a month-over-month / quarter-over-quarter / and year-over-year perspective. When it comes to making your practice actually grow, it could be more about a specific service you offer, how much revenue you collect from different parts of your practice. All of these can be strongly influenced by the SEO services we perform. Leave the guessing game out and we’ll prove on a monthly basis how the work planned and work executed by our team is helping grow leads and cases to your dental practice.

We hear that a lot. There's a reason this question is in the FAQ. Statistically, SEO is more alive and well today than all the previous years. Companies (and dental practices) will spend more on SEO in the next 2-5 years than ever. The SEO market is increasing between 10%-15% year-over-year. The people who yell out "SEO is Dead" are those who have an alternate service to sell to you. We're not saying SEO is the only way to market, but it is a great digital marketing service to utilize. Everyone else is simply because it works. Arcane Marketing actively practices tried and true strategies that work (very well we might add). In fact, of all the services we offer, SEO will make your dental practice more money than any other service we can offer you. Period. Is SEO dead? Nope. We can prove it.

When I was looking for a good dental SEO company, I spent several weeks meeting with different companies. They would all tell me the exact same song and dance, ad nauseum. My experience is that finding a quality SEO company is tough and annoying. One thing I truly enjoyed about Arcane Marketing was they they were genuinely interested in my practice and the goals we've set. They were not just "going through the process" like everyone else. Additionally, they have answered my questions timely and completely. Communication is a big deal for me and Arcane Marketing has that down pat! I get updates and reports consistently. I've been using Arcane Marketing for over 3 years now. The amount of growth and brand recognition has been invaluable. Save yourself the time and hassle. Just hire these guys and let them do the work for you.
- Dr. Timothy Johansson DMD

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