How To Sell More Of Your Services Without Increasing Your Workload | Episode 22

No matter the industry you are in, when it comes to increasing your sales revenue there can be a lot of natural barriers or obstacles that arise during the sale. Some of these obstacles may include:

  • Lack of trust in the supplier
  • Money or finances
  • Don’t see the value
  • Bad timing
  • Lack of support from all decision makers

Now, these obstacles can be foreseen which means that there are ways to change your strategies and marketing to negate those situations. But how do you know what is causing the barrier?

You have to communicate with your audience or community. It is really important to set up a community and have conversations with them. This will help you understand anything you need to know about your audience.

Get that information simply by asking!

Now that you know what your customers are wanting, what is stopping them from purchasing and how to possibly combat those situations, it is time to communicate all of your information to your audience.

You might think that something is valuable or important, but your audience/customer might not. You need to dive in and ask those questions to find out what it is your customers value. You are the professional which means you probably know all the information pertaining to your industry. But you need to assume that nobody else does. Communicate what the value of your service is by telling them EVERYTHING. Even the simple bits of information that are basic and “old news” for you can be brand new information to a customer.

Remember that value is in the eyes of the beholder, so if you are not showing them, on their level, the value of your business they will go somewhere else or just keep scrolling.

Once you know what they think is valuable, cater what you are promoting or selling around that. Then you can help them see that if they want this benefit or value in their life they can get it with the thing you are selling.

Now that you are finding the correct way to communicate with your customer/audience, how can you add more revenue to your business without increasing your daily workload?

How can service providers add to their revenue without adding to their workload?

These days brick and mortar companies, like dentists, chiropractors, attorneys etc. can improve their revenue by utilizing tangible products and turning their website into a shopping cart.

Finding a product that corresponds to your service industry and then making it available to purchase on your website is a great way to put little to no time spent selling, but bringing in extra profit. A few service industry examples could include:

  • Dentist – electric toothbrushes, teeth whitening kits or shirts with fun teeth/mouth sayings
  • Lawyer – How-to guide on the steps to setting up a will
  • Chiropractor – KT tape, pillows or massage guns
  • Realtor – Home fragrance kits, decor pieces or no soliciting signs

These are just a few examples of how you could turn your lead generating websites into a revenue stream with a checkout available right there online.

One more way to add a bit of revenue has been brought about a lot more since the pandemic hit us in 2020, and that is telecommunication or tele services. Do you need to be face to face in order to do your job? If there’s a way to do consultations over a video chat, you can cut down on travel time for both you and your customers by offering zoom or other video meetings instead of in office or house visits.

Now is definitely the time to reevaluate how you can put your website to use as a revenue generating source of your business.

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three things you can do to turn your idea into an action

three things you can do to turn idea into action

If this all seems overwhelming and too complicated to actually implement then let us share with you three things you can do to turn your idea into an action.

  1. Set a date to start
  2. Identify someone to help hold you accountable for your efforts
  3. Remove things that are causing friction along the way.

Some additional thoughts to consider when you are working to implement new ideas into your business are first, “You always need to do more than you say you will.” -Tony Robbins

Take this concept and make sure you are giving the delivery of excellence. A surprise on completion of doing a little bit more is a great way to have a solid reputation in your field.

Additionally it is important to make sure you provide real value. That starts with finding what your client values the most, then focusing on delivering on that value in unique and surprising ways.

Russel Brunson once said that “We can’t achieve our goals unless we become someone different.

People who accomplish things at a certain level do so because they have become that type of person. They have developed the skills, mindset, attitude and abilities to accomplish those things. So if there are certain things you want to accomplish.during your life, you need to ask yourself who you need to become in order to achieve that.

Finally, consider this important thought as you work to implement new ideas into your business. “Life is happening for me, not to me.” Remember that you are in control of how you act and react.

If you follow these guidelines, thoughts and principles you will be able to more effectively increase your sales revenue in your company without increasing your workload as well.

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  3. Marketing teams aren’t paying attention to their client’s ROI metrics.

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