How To Set Up Cloudflare For Free

Step 1

Visit dash.cloudflare.com/sign-up and input an email address and a very secure password.

Cloudflare Step 1 Screenshot

Step 2

Check you email inbox for a sign-up verification email. Complete verification.
Cloudflare Step 2 Screenshot

Step 3

Input your website’s domain name.
Cloudflare Step 3 Screenshot

Step 4

Choose the FREE plan.
Cloudflare Step 4 Screenshot

Step 5

Review your DNS records.
Cloudflare Step 5 Screenshot

Step 6

Find your new Cloudflare nameservers. These will be used to update your client’s DNS settings.
Cloudflare Step 6 Screenshot

Step 7

Log into your domain name registrar website and find the DNS settings for your domain name.
Cloudflare Step 7 Screenshot

Step 8

Locate the nameservers that need to be updated.
Cloudflare Step 8 Screenshot

Step 9

Update the nameservers with the new ones from Cloudflare.
Cloudflare Step 9 Screenshot

Step 10

Request Cloudflare to check the nameserver change.
Cloudflare Step 10 Screenshot

Step 11

Cloudflare Step 11 Screenshot
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