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Are you looking for PPC advertising with transparency and accountability? Arcane Marketing fits that bill.

Paid advertising campaigns, otherwise often referred to as PPC Marketing, or PPC Campaigns on search engines can be a cost-efficient way to achieve your company’s marketing goals - but only if set up and managed properly. It can be a very effective way of getting your content directly into the eyes of your target audience as they search for your products and services. It is easy to see results quickly with this marketing strategy.

However, without effective management, pay-per-click marketing can be difficult, and costs can quickly get out of control. PPC is complex and competitive, and it requires a high degree of comprehensive knowledge, sophistication, time, and experience. Most companies that try PPC management on their own struggle with the learning curve and almost always lose money and eventually fail with their efforts. Very few can make profits that are a small fraction of what they could have made if it had been done correctly.

Pay Per Click Marketing Works Only As Well As It Was Set Up

Most advertisers trying search engine marketing on their own are unprofitable simply because they have no idea how to run a successful AdWords paid search management campaign. If that sounds like you, you’re in good company with Arcane Marketing, as many other Internet Marketing companies don’t know how to do PPC management correctly either. There's no room for "just trying it out" or "figuring out how to make it work." Most of our clients need to get results quickly and in the most cost-effective way possible. We speak with businesses who have suffered through poorly managed PPC campaigns in the past and are tired of seeing inferior to mediocre results at best. We can often bring that aspect and point of view needed to make your AdWords account great again instead of just "okay." We want to make a bold statement about PPC:

Arcane Marketing is a certified Google Ads partner. Our expert strategists in PPC can manage your ad campaign with skill and get improved results. We are a proactive partner with your business. We will actively pursue the best strategies while using the best and latest management practices. We will write and create compelling visual content. We offer transparency with full reporting and accountability so that you can accurately track the success of any of our campaigns.

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How Can I Learn About Arcane Marketing's PPC Management Services For Me?

Step 1

– Call Us

Give us a quick call for a free, no-obligation conversation about your business goals and how the right PPC Management can help you meet those goals.

Step 2

– Talk To Arcane Marketing

Your first conversation will not involve high pressure sales techniques. We want to understand your business goals, your budget, and your expectations so that we can assess the situation and make the best possible recommendations for you.

Step 3

– Decide on Expectations

Once you understand the value that we can add, versus what you may or may not have experienced yet, we will help you select a proper level and strategy of services that is customized to your needs and meet your goals end to end.

Step 4

– Start Working With Arcane Marketing and Get Better Results

After getting started with Arcane Marketing, you will meet your dedicated account manager. He/she will work with you every step of the way with prompt customer service, transparent reporting, and accountability to your goals. You'll be able to see the increases in engagement and revenue as a result of our services.

Arcane Marketing PPC Management Starts As Little As:


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  • For more information on your customized PPC management options and strategy -or- consulting pricing, then please call us for a no-cost consultation.