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Pay-Per-Click Management

Are you looking for PPC advertising with transparency and accountability? Arcane Marketing fits that bill.

Paid advertising campaigns, otherwise often referred to as PPC Marketing, or PPC Campaigns on search engines can be a cost-efficient way to achieve your company’s marketing goals – but only if set up and managed properly. It can be a very effective way of getting your content directly into the eyes of your target audience as they search for your products and services. It is easy to see results quickly with this marketing strategy.

However, without effective management, pay-per-click marketing can be difficult, and costs can quickly get out of control. PPC is complex and competitive, and it requires a high degree of comprehensive knowledge, sophistication, time, and experience. Most companies that try PPC management on their own struggle with the learning curve and almost always lose money and eventually fail with their efforts. Very few can make profits that are a small fraction of what they could have made if it had been done correctly.

Pay Per Click Marketing Works Only As Well As It Was Set Up

Most advertisers trying search engine marketing on their own are unprofitable simply because they have no idea how to run a successful AdWords paid search management campaign. If that sounds like you, you’re in good company with Arcane Marketing, as many other Internet Marketing companies don’t know how to do PPC management correctly either. There’s no room for “just trying it out” or “figuring out how to make it work.” Most of our clients need to get results quickly and in the most cost-effective way possible. We speak with businesses who have suffered through poorly managed PPC campaigns in the past and are tired of seeing inferior to mediocre results at best. We can often bring that aspect and point of view needed to make your AdWords account great again instead of just “okay.”

We want to make a bold statement about PPC

Arcane Marketing is a certified Google Ads partner. Our expert strategists in PPC can manage your ad campaign with skill and get improved results. We are a proactive partner with your business. We will actively pursue the best strategies while using the best and latest management practices. We will write and create compelling visual content. We offer transparency with full reporting and accountability so that you can accurately track the success of any of our campaigns.

Interested to learn more? Call now to have Arcane Marketing manage your next PPC campaign profitably! 

“Paid search marketing will work every time, let’s say that again, EVERY TIME, when it’s strategized, developed, and managed correctly.”
Nathan Hawkes
President, Arcane Marketing

How Can I Learn About Arcane Marketing's PPC Management Services For Me?


Call Us

Give us a quick call for a free, no-obligation conversation about your business goals and how the right PPC Management can help you meet those goals.


Talk To Arcane Marketing

Your first conversation will not involve high pressure sales techniques. We want to understand your business goals, your budget, and your expectations so that we can assess the situation and make the best possible recommendations for you.


Decide on Expectations

Once you understand the value that we can add, versus what you may or may not have experienced yet, we will help you select a proper level and strategy of services that is customized to your needs and meet your goals end to end.


Start Working With Arcane Marketing and Get Better Results

After getting started with Arcane Marketing, you will meet your dedicated account manager. He/she will work with you every step of the way with prompt customer service, transparent reporting, and accountability to your goals. You’ll be able to see the increases in engagement and revenue as a result of our services.

Arcane Marketing PPC Management

Starts As Little As

$ 400
per month
  • For more information on your customized PPC management options and strategy -or- consulting pricing, then please call us for a no-cost consultation.

Why Our Clients Love Us

  • Sheri Hamberlin

    We have been working with [Arcane] for just over a year and have seen a substantial increase in our overall SEO and marketing efforts. It has been a pleasure having Arcane in our own backyard and feel it a privilege to receive such personal one-on-one attention from their team. We may not understand everything they do behind the scenes, but whatever they are doing it is working! I would recommend Arcane to anyone looking to optimize their web presence, they know how to make it happen.

  • Simple Meets Adventure

    [Arcane Marketing] has helped us launch a very new brand to a nationwide marketplace in travel and outdoor experiences. The staff is helpful, objective, organized and understands how to communicate vision and strategy of how to grow more efficiently. These guys not only know what they are doing but they have a sense of humor and ability to make fun what we are trying to accomplish. [Arcane] ... will take care of you.

  • Sue Landon

    Arcane Marketing has been exceptional. They have provided marketing ideas as well as kept our social media marketing up to date. They regularly come to our store to be assured our website is up to date. I appreciate their creating thinking and ability to add content!

  • Untapped Health Fitness & Recovery

    Arcane Marketing are amazing at what they do! Friendly and reliable, they create for you an online presence that you will love. Recommend 100%

  • Nancy Jenkins

    We are loving working with [Arcane Marketing]. [Arcane Marketing] have been great to work with. They are very professional and really know their stuff. [Arcane] has great ideas about ways to post and share on social media. We are very happy with the ads [Arcane] has created on Facebook and Instagram.

  • Nihat Nick Rehmani

    As I have always said, [Arcane Marketing] breaks down all the technical mumbo jumbo and breaks it down into understandable language that anyone can understand. Very Patient and answer every questions very attentively. Pays attention to everyones needs and want. Excellent program, Highly recommended.

  • Robby Rutledge

    [Arcane Marketing] is a great company. I got the chance to take a class from [Arcane Marketing] about growing your organic reach on social media sites. The course had 7 classes in it and took about 5 weeks to complete. The class was great! [Arcane Marketing] was very approachable, I felt I could ask any question I had without feeling stupid. [Arcane] also makes some pretty good jokes. Each class left me in a state of shock because he shared such great knowledge about social media. I left every c...lass feeling like I truly learned something. After taking [their] class I could see that I had knowledge that none of my competitors had and if I actually used this knowledge to out to them, I could. We took the lead in marketing this year. [Arcane Marketing] talked a lot about giving value to your customers. [Arcane] believes that the best way to win customers is to give value, give value and then ask for them to buy your product. True to [their] teaching [Arcane Marketing] shares a lot of great content on [their] Facebook page that I find of value and then every now and then he ask me to buy one of [their] products. From time to time over the last few months since I took [Arcane Marketing]'s course he would send me a message on Facebook and ask how things were going and if there was anything he could do to help. Which was great I would let him know how we were doing and how valuable the information he gave was. Then I told him about how we were having some issues getting people to our corn maze business because it has rained so much this last October. [Arcane] then asked if we have done any Facebook ads. I told him I had not been doing any in the last year. [Arcane] said he could help and asked if we would like to bring [Arcane Marketing] in to consult. I took some time to think about it and new that it was really a no brainer. If he could help in the way [their] class did, I knew I could not lose. [Arcane] and [their] associate Mitch Adams recommended that we do a Facebook live video and then boost it. Wow! It worked great we ended up doing 2 Facebook live videos and reached almost 75,000 people in our area for only $500. Not only did we reach 75,000 it was also targeted at a very specific audience. As I had thought, I could not lose and did not lose. We had huge increases in online ticket sales and onsite sales as well. I highly recommend them to anyone that wants to grow their business.

  • Roger Sondrup

    [Arcane Marketing]'s professional who really does know [their] stuff. One thing I feel [they do] really well is [Arcane] is able to generate results using your social media pages but keeps them popular. [Arcane] knows how to really engage your audience and make it profitable for you.

  • Russell Paskett

    [Arcane Marketing] genuinely cares, and provides great advice. [Arcane] loves, and keeps up with the changes in technology. If you have questions, ask [them], [Arcane] is a wealth of knowledge.

  • Mathew Radford

    [Arcane Marketing] is one of the great [companies]. And [Arcane] is great at what [they do]! [Arcane] knows business.

  • Kary Christopherson

    Our website is very important to the success of our company and Arcane keeps everything running smoothly.

  • L JR

    Very professional, courteous and results driven company. I have referred them to several colleagues and will continue to do so in the future.

  • Lorrine Kimbrough

    Just won a prize in your contest. THANK YOU.

  • Marc Nieto

    [Arcane Marketing] is an absolute pleasure to work with over our many year relationship and multiple websites. 100% satisfaction on all levels including website design, SEO, and social media. Great communication and task completion. No question a true professional.

  • Daniel Hoekstra

    [Arcane Marketing is] just simply the best in the business of website marketing. Many companies make empty promises, but Arcane marketing delivers. Not only this, but they maintain communication with their clients which helps them market their clients better. Adjectives that describe Arcane Marketing are: hard working, honest, and sincere. There is no one else I would entrust with my clients.

  • David Collette

    Arcane Marketing has a unique set of skills that most businesses struggle with providing themselves. Our business needed a strong web presence and Arcane Marketing knew how to develop that presents. We were buried pages back when we first opened for business. After using another marketing company (that claimed expertise in this area) and being completely dissatisfied with the lack of results, we started looking around for a substitute. We could not afford to waste any more money or time developing a stronger web presents. After visiting with Arcane and meeting a few of [their] key team members, I was sold. We did not achieve over night success but I would have to say that our move up the rankings was steady and consistent. It might have happened a little quicker if we had a larger budget but we were still very thrilled with the results. Adjustments were needed along the way as we met frequently to discuss our business goals and strategies. I felt like Arcane always had our best interest at heart and their performance has been exceptional. Thanks Arcane for doing so much for our business and willingness to help us achieve our goals.....!!

  • Dennis Nash

    Service tailored to your specific needs... I give my highest recommendation.

  • Derek Miller

    It's been a real pleasure working with Arcane. The staff is knowledgeable and professional. I appreciate a marketing firm that doesn't guarantee success but works diligently to achieve it for their clients. The marketing approaches Arcane uses are proven to work across the board. They understand how marketing online works. Thanks Arcane for your expertise and professional courtesy you've always given freely. Even before I worked with Arcane I was given suggestions for increasing my rankings and exposure, that was years ago and today I'm still working with them!

  • Isaac Moan

    I've worked with Arcane Marketing for over 8 years, and [they] consistently [prove themselves] to be extremely knowledgeable about all things SEO, Internet Marketing, AdWords, and Social Media. [Arcane] really delivers results, increasing traffic to my clients' websites while contiually decreasing the cost per acquisition. I highly recommend working with him!

  • D Galley

    Great company!!

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