Why do dentists rely on dental PPC marketing?

Dentists spend countless hours in medical schools to master their profession. However, being a good dentist doesn’t mean they are able to get most of the patients. This is where business and marketing skills come in. A successful dental practice not only needs a professional dentist but a sound marketing team or agency who can generate visibility and patients for their practice. PPC is one such marketing channel that helps dentists generate a good volume of patients in short amounts of time.

What Is Pay Per Click Advertising?

Pay-per-click marketing is a specific type of advertising where you pay to rent space on a particular page. Essentially, you need to conduct keyword research to figure out what your patients are looking for online when trying to find a dentist. The next step is to find a way to make sure your website lands on the first page of those results.

One way to do that is through SEO, which stands for search engine optimization. This is the practice of designing your online presence to meet the needs of search engines, allowing you to place your website at the top of important search results pages. Unfortunately, Organic SEO can take a long time to generate results, so PPC marketing is a faster way to get to the top of the list.

When you pay to land at the top of certain search results pages, you will be listed above the top result as some “sponsored” label. Even though you are bidding for additional space, you only pay for this advertisement if someone clicks on your link. Therefore, you have to make sure you make every click count. 

When someone clicks on this link, they will be directed to a webpage known as the landing page. You are in total control of that landing page, as it is usually a sub-page of your overall website. That is where you get your chance to pitch your products or services to your visitors.

In this case, someone who clicks on your link will probably be directed to your dental practice website. Therefore, to maximize your conversion rate, you need to design your landing page carefully, conduct keyword research, and make sure you bid appropriately for that ad space.

The Different Types of PPC for Dental Practices

Pay-per-click advertising comes in many shapes and forms. Therefore, you have to think carefully about the type of PPC marketing suitable for your dental practice. In addition, you need to think about your target market, where they hang out, their overall behavior, and what they are looking for in a dentist. A few options for PPC marketing include:

  • Google Ads: When people think about pay-per-click marketing, they usually think about Google advertisements. These are advertisements that people place above the top results on the Google search page. You are in control of a daily budget, how much you have to pay per click, and how many people are clicking on your advertisements. This way, you can refine your digital marketing campaign depending on the results you get.
  • Social Media Advertising: This is another common type of pay-per-click advertising. In this situation, you will place advertisements on specific social media profiles based on your input demographic information. This way, you can target an age group, a specific gender, and people with certain online behaviors. This can help you maximize the return on your digital marketing investment. Because there are hundreds of millions of people who use social media daily, this is one of the fastest ways to contact potential patients.
  • YouTube Advertisements: This is a subset of social media advertising; however, in this format, most of your advertisements will be videos. YouTube advertising can include the ads that play before someone watches a video, during the video, and even the tiny banners that appear beneath the video. This could also be an effective paid marketing plan for your practice.
  • Banner Advertisements: There are plenty of other situations where a banner advertisement can come in handy.. For example, you may want to post banner advertising on some third-party websites through the Google Display Network. This is one of the oldest and most reliable ways to reach people using digital marketing. Consider putting this plan to work for you as well.

These are just a few of the many options you have available to you if you are trying to maximize your pay-per-click advertising. If you select the right PPC advertising, you should be able to generate a lot of quality traffic for your website. That way, you can schedule more appointments, book more patients, and grow your practice.

Do PPC Ads Generate New Clients for Dentists?

Yes, PPC advertisements can generate new clients for dental practices. However, it would be best if you used your digital marketing campaign to target your patients accordingly. The reality is that nobody looks for dental practices thinking that they will book an appointment six months from now. If someone is looking for a dentist in the local area, they are usually looking for urgent assistance. Most people know who they go to for preventative care, so they turn to the internet for help if they have an emergency. If someone is looking for a dental practice, they need one urgently.

Therefore, PPC advertisements are one of the most effective ways to take advantage of this traffic. 

Based on what someone is looking for, you will tailor your advertisement to meet their needs. For example, if someone is looking for a “dentist near me,” they need one as quickly as possible. Therefore, PPC advertisements can cater to this need, helping you book more appointments at a rapid pace. The vast majority of people who are looking for a dentist will do so online. A significant number of these people will click on one of the advertisements placed at the top of the list. If you have a strong landing page that can impress them, you can convince them to make an appointment.

Therefore, you need to combine your PPC advertising campaign with the correct website design. This can go a long way toward helping you generate more appointments.

How Does PPC Marketing Make a Dental Practice Highly Profitable?

The reality is that taking advantage of PPC marketing can make your dental practice highly profitable. There are several ways it can do precisely that. These include:

  • Boost Your Brand Recognition: Your overall ranking is not necessarily tied to your PPC marketing; however, if you run a strong PPC advertising campaign alongside your SEO campaign, you can generate more valuable clicks. This also means that you can increase traffic on your website, boosting your brand recognition. 

Furthermore, people who see your advertisements online will have a stronger association with that brand in the offline world. This means that you can boost the results of your traditional marketing campaign as well. After someone associates your brand with a certain image, they will remember your website and come back in the future.

  • Generate Leads Quickly: If you are trying to expand your practice, you want to generate more appointments as quickly as possible. Even though SEO is an excellent way to generate more online traffic, this can take a long time to deliver results. If you want to book appointments as quickly as possible, you need to take advantage of PPC marketing. That way, you can shoot right to the top of your search results rankings and convince people to visit your website. As long as you have strong landing pages, you should convert patients at a relatively high rate.
  • Collect Contact Information: Sometimes, patients may not want to book appointments immediately. That is fine! PPC advertising can even convince patients to call your practice to learn more. If someone picks up the phone and calls, you know they are interested in the services you provide. Therefore, this is your opportunity to convince them to book an appointment easily. PPC marketing is a great way to help you generate offline traffic as well.

These are just a few of the ways PPC marketing can make your dental practice highly profitable. Therefore, you need to partner with the right team to get the most out of your digital marketing campaign. This is where we can help you!

Arcane Marketing Can Help Dentists Unlock Their Real Growth Potential

If you run a dental practice, you have to make sure that you reach out to new patients in the local area. That means executing a strong digital marketing strategy. Even though you may think you can do this independently, your time is better spent helping patients. So instead, rely on the professionals from Arcane Marketing to help you. 

At Arcane Marketing, we have an unparalleled level of experience helping dentists of all backgrounds reach their target market. We can help you execute a strong digital marketing strategy that includes dental PPC marketing. In addition, we can showcase the benefits of working with your dental health professionals, allowing you to schedule more patients and grow your practice. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you, please contact us today!

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