Content Writers

Tara Nash

I am Tara Nash.  I don’t even know what I like to do.  Being a slug?  hahahaha.  Um….lets go with what I would do if I wasn’t bogged down with kids and house. I like:

  • Vintage fashion
  • House and furniture restoration
  • Travel in Europe
  • Architecture
  • Science, esp. Biology, Botany, Entomology
  • Vintage Automobiles, specifically American and Europea

I have written content for Arcane Marketing for maybe 3 years now and I like to write about the “histories” of professions, and things, such as:

  • The history of roofing tiles
  • History of breast implants
  • History of hot rods

Katherine Lee

My top 5 interests are:

1. Being a better mom/housewife – I’m a new mom, so anything and everything that involves the health or happiness of my child is at the top of my list. I just recently started quilting and sewing, and it’s a trial by fire. I kind of suck but I’m getting better! I also love to cook and bake!

2. The Arts – I used to be a dancer and musician, and I love all different art forms including musicals, painting, opera, etc.

3. Various fandoms (comic books, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Star Trek, The X-Files, the list goes on and on).

4. Outdoor sports – My husband is a mountain bike racer so our entire spring/summer is spent outside! We also love to hike, camp, and visit national parks. 

5. Advertising – I used to work for clients helping them come up with marketing campaigns and promotional products. I absolutely loved seeing people’s creativity and how effective different strategies are in different facets of business!

Before writing content for Arcane Marketing, I used to write blog posts and social media content for previous positions as a Marketing Director for a successful dental office, and as a sales assistant at a print and promotional shop. I was Editor in Chief of my high school yearbook, and never knew how much that writing and composition would play such a huge role in my life!