Nathan Hawkes

Nathan Hawkes


Nathan Hawkes has been in the online marketing world for over 12 years now. His knowledge and skillset in SEOPPCSocial Media, and Conversion Rate optimization run 2nd to none.

I’m known as the professional fixer/sniper in the SEO and PPC industry. I got my start in 2007 and got my feet wet when I helped to start another online marketing agency that eventually became ranked the #1 online marketing agency in the nation for 5 years in a row, by several different 3rd party rating agencies. After nearly a decade of working with thousands of companies with their online marketing campaigns and masterminding their SEO & PPC strategies, I decided to use all of the experience and knowledge to create an additional and more perfectly run online marketing and boutique agency without all the fluff and riff-raff (specifically the high prices).  People just want to see results and the increase in revenue from their online marketing efforts.

When it comes to helping different companies with their online marketing strategies, I’ve found there are two types of companies we deal with:

“Sometimes they want to get involved in the nitty-gritty details and other times they just want to see how it all plays out with use of a specialty online marketing agency like Arcane Marketing.”

I’ve helped shape our agency to specifically and accurately work with both of those types of people, and everyone in between. Setting correct expectations, communication, and then getting the desired results are where you win with the team I’ve created at Arcane Marketing.

When it comes to work and job experience, I bring many years of technology and management experience to the table. As a true student to the Online Marketing industry, my talent stems from his uncanny ability to communicate and explain complex marketing concepts or strategies to anyone and to help them not only easily understand them, but also to get excited about implementing them. As we all know, Google is extremely complex and intelligent. Understanding how Google works and what they want to see is something that I have a keen knowledge of.

Most of my experience stems from laboring and learning for over 15 years in the technology, retail, and management industries. I’ve successfully managed people and produced successful teams that easily reach and surpass just about any goal placed before us – seriously. Having won multiple production and management awards over the years, I bring and lead with that work ethic and excitement to the Arcane Marketing team.

Communication is the pinnacle of Arcane Marketing. All disappointment comes from unmet expectation. In the digital marketing world, targets and goals change often. You have to stay on top of the direction. Without good expectation communication we are the same old SEO company that you already know and hate. I’ve made sure that everyone working at Arcane Marketing has had that concept pounded into them.

If you want to know more about my personal life… I am married to the most beautiful wife I could ask for. I have 4 of the very best-looking kids on earth that I could not be more impressed with. They are the ones that teach me how to be the man I am. 3 girls and a son.  A well-rounded house-hold.

As a family living in Idaho Falls, ID, we enjoy many of what this great country has to offer. We like to play outdoors, just about any sport – but I particularly pay attention to basketball and golf. I love to shoot guns, go hunting, do some off-roading, camping, hiking, traveling and just about anything else that has to do with my family. I’m a big foodie and feel like I have a great palette for taste ☺ I have a big heart and I’m willing to help others to do just about anything. I try hard to give top-notch respect to everyone I meet and make sure they know they are appreciated.

I love life and thirst for more knowledge. That’s why I’m talented at the SEO, PPC, Social Media, and online games… there’s so much to learn and do. The strategy behind it all the challenges… I love it.


Nathan Hawkes Google Ads Certifications and Awards
Nathan’s Current Google Ads Certifications and Awards
Nathan Hawkes Digital Sales Certification
Digital Sales Certification
Nathan Hawkes Shopping Ads Certification
Shopping Ads Certification
Nathan Hawkes Google Ads Video Certification
Google Ads Video Certification
Nathan Hawkes Google Ads Fundamentals Certification
Google Ads Fundamentals Certification
Nathan Hawkes Google Display Ads Certification
Google Display Ads Certification
Nathan Hawkes Google Ads Mobile Certification
Google Ads Mobile Certification
Nathan Hawkes Google Analytics For Beginners 3-1-2019
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